New Mexico’s pro-abortion governor wants to use taxpayer money to fund an entity that will kill unborn children – but a pro-life group says those millions can be better spent in the struggling state.

Yesterday, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed an executive order to provide $10 million in forced taxpayer funding to construct an abortion clinic in Las Cruces – just across the border from Texas, where abortions are illegal. After signing the order, the Democratic governor stated: “The goal here is build it and they will come.”

Elisa Martinez of New Mexico Alliance for Life calls the order “an unprecedented [and] shameless move to prop up the abortion industry.”

“We have so many other needs [in the state],” Martinez tells AFN. “We have the highest poverty rates in the country, the lowest education outcome, the highest unemployment rate – but this governor is bent on propping up full-term abortion here in New Mexico.”

Grisham is currently running for reelection against Republican Mark Ronchetti, who condemned the order, saying it is “not only out of line with New Mexican values, it is extreme.”

Since Planned Parenthood-types heavily funded Grisham’s campaign, one wonders if the giveaway is repayment for the abortion cartel.

“Well, it looks like it, doesn’t it?” Martinez asks. “I mean, this is awfully convenient timing where she can pump $10 million into the abortion industry and they are now freed up $10 million to turn around and fund pro-abortion campaigns.”

As the pro-lifer points out, the only beneficiaries of the $10 million are Grisham and her bid for reelection – unless, of course, one accounts for the abortionists: “What other doctor’s office gets a $10 million grant to kill people?” she asks.

AFN reported in July that pro-lifers in the Land of Enchantment are hopeful they can continue to play a role in shutting down abortion clinics in the Las Cruces-El Paso area.


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