Huh! President Joe Biden actually cares more about something than Big Labor: himself. He now wants Congress to force rail unions to take a deal and avert a catastrophic strike, even though some unions have already nixed it.

What a departure from the collective-bargaining-above-all approach he’s long taken. And it’s obvious why: With Americans already facing Bidenflation and a potentially painful recession, a rail strike would utterly slam the nation’s economy — and his legacy.

“I am calling on Congress to pass legislation immediately to adopt the Tentative Agreement [reached in September by] railroad workers and operators,” Biden said Monday, insisting no “path to resolve the dispute at the bargaining table” exists.

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‘Joe Biden blew it’: Rail workers union lashes out at the White House

President Joe Biden is facing heat from one of his most loyal constituencies as Congress prepares a vote that could avoid a painful railroad strike ahead of the holidays.

Biden celebrated in September a deal that would end negotiations between railway workers and their bosses, averting a strike. But that deal has since been rejected by multiple unions, which are now turning on Biden as the saga continues.

“Joe Biden blew it,” Railroad Workers United said in a press release. “He had the opportunity to prove his labor-friendly pedigree to millions of workers by simply asking Congress for legislation to end the threat of a national strike on terms more favorable to workers. Sadly, he could not bring himself to advocate for a lousy handful of sick days. The Democrats and Republicans are both pawns of big business and the corporations.”

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