Residents in Washington are being encouraged to push back against a state agency’s directive to permit transgender and “gender-diverse” individuals to use the bathroom of their choice.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, a professed homosexual, issued an executive order last week that all single-stall women’s bathrooms can be used by men – and vice versa. His order also instructed the Office of Civil Rights to develop guidance and training for city staffers in coordination with groups like the pro-homosexual Pride Foundation.

Beyond the obvious concerns, Joseph Backholm of the Family Policy Institute of Washington also finds fault with the method chosen by the mayor.

“It’s troubling that they want to do it through a mandate and through an executive order,” he says, “rather than letting the people who are affected by these rules have a say in the legislative process.”

Backholm says it’s a bit odd the mayor would issue the order because the state Human Rights Commission had already issued an edict that all public restrooms – including those in public schools – be open to the opposite gender. So the mayor’s action, he adds, emphasizes the importance for the public to push back.

“They’re apparently going to ride this horse as long as the public lets them,” he tells OneNewsNow. “And in the process they’re going to break down any kind of boundaries that are appropriate between male and female; and in the process revoke the right to privacy that people have always enjoyed in this country.”

Backholm argues that liberals are trying to make “transgender” the new class of is preparing to launch a petition drive to force the issue on a future election ballot.


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