A popular, long-running TV game show is teaming up with a drag queen who is raising money for the world’s largest abortion provider.

“The Price is Right” is welcoming drag queen “RuPaul” next week in a primetime special.

According to CBN, RuPaul is playing to raise money for Planned Parenthood after supporting the controversial organization for years.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality says RuPaul deserves blame, not a game show slot, for influencing young males to follow him in the perverse drag queen lifestyle.

“This is a man,” says LaBarbera, “who is pretending to be a woman and he has really created a lot of confusion in society.”

RuPaul Andrew Charles, 59, has helped mainstream the drag queen fetish followed by some homosexual men by producing the reality TV show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” that began in 2009.

A second show produced by RuPaul, “AJ and the Queen,” features him traveling the country with a 10-year-old female, who wants to be a male, on a tour of gay bars.

Media watchdog Newsbusters noticed a January episode in which a second male performer refers to the child as a “top,” the homosexual term for the male who penetrates another male. The sexually deviant comment, made about a minor, was obviously left in the episode.

Other celebrities have appeared on “The Price is Right” to raise money, too, but LaBarbera says Planned Parenthood is a “charity” like no other.

“They’re in the business of killing unborn babies,” LaBarbera says. “’The Price is Right’ should not be raising money for them. This is despicable and it’s a betrayal.”


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