If they have their way, Democrats are on a political path to radically transform America’s election system and only worsen our trust in the ballot, says a constitutional attorney and radio host.

“It would be horrendous,” Abraham Hamilton III, general counsel for the American Family Association, says of H.R. 1, the Democrat-sponsored election bill that has a good chance of passing both chambers and landing on President Biden’s desk.

The controversial bill, named “For The People Act,” would create automatic vote registration; bar states from prohibiting vote-by-mail allowances; require states to allow 15 days of early voting in federal elections; require states to allow same-day registration; and prohibit prosecution of ineligible voters if they claim it was a mistake, Fox News reported late last month.

The Fox News story continued:

The legislation — first introduced two years ago — would also give independent commissions the job of drawing congressional districts, require political groups to disclose high-dollar donors, create reporting requirements for online political ads, and, in a nod to Democrats’ long-running complaint about former President Donald Trump, obligate presidents to disclose their tax returns.

The bill is a “massive federal government takeover that would undermine the integrity of our elections,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has said of H.R. 1.

The bill should be renamed the “Democrat Politician Protection Act,” Sen. Mitch McConnell said during debate last year over the legislation.

Democrats predictably say H.R. 1 makes elections betters by addressing “voter suppression,” which is their description for voter I.D. laws and  purging habitual non-voters from the voter rolls.

According to Hamilton, America needs to hear a warning about the consequences of passage.

“It would fundamentally transform civic engagement and civic participation in America,” he tells One News Now, “for the foreseeable future.”

The controversial bill, if it becomes a federal law, would also come at the same time many Americans believe Democrats engaged in election fraud to win the White House after four years of Donald Trump.

At the same time those accusations aren’t going away, Democrats and the media are accusing their fellow Americans of being nothing less than wacky conspiracy theorists who lost in a fair contest.

Regarding a legal challenge to H.R. 1, Hamilton says a court fight would not guarantee a victory to defeat the bill.

“They would have to address it,” he says of a future court. “However, if it’s passed by Congress there is a perception that Congressional passed statutes have a modicum of constitutionality.”


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