The so-called “woke” agenda of teachers and school administrators keeps waking up alarmed parents to the innocence being stolen from their own children, and a conservative activist says organizing an army is the best way to push back and win.

This week, the New Jersey parent of a child in public school contacted AFN to complain children were handed a flyer at school to celebrate “Pride Week.” Beyond the fact that parents weren’t notified, the parent asked what can be done.

Gregory Quinlan, who leads the pro-family group Center for Garden State Families, provides one solution.

“The only way to do this,” he advises, “is to get others who are going to stand with you.”

Virginia makes a good case study. Over the course of two years, the public witnessed parents organize in the blue-vs-red suburbs of Virginia, where the twin issues of Critical Race Theory and transgender-friendly policies angered families that were unaware of the indoctrination happening under their noses. What began with a few outspoken parents showing up at school board meetings eventually snowballed into raucous meetings and a standing-room-only crowd.

In a Virginia hotbed of far-left activism, Loudoun County, the political fireworks really blew up when it was learned Loudon County schools had concealed a case of sexual assault committed by a teen boy who identifies as female. The teen boy was later moved to another high school, where he assaulted a second girl.

It was only after the girl’s father tried to speak, and was arrested, did the truth come out.

In what could be an important lesson for worn-out parents to learn, Victoria Cobb of the Family Foundation of Virginia says the woke Left never rests and parents shouldn’t either. In liberal Fairfax County, she says, parents are up in arms after learning the schools could combine middle-school boys and girls in already-controversial sex education classes that are currently separated.

A second issue is looming, too: Fairfax students are already in danger of punishment for using the wrong gender pronouns, she says, but there is a vote coming soon to increase the penalties for doing so.

According to a Fox News story about the controversy, only 33% percent of eighth graders and 38% of fourth graders in Fairfax County schools are proficient in reading.

“And yet school boards still seem to be spending all their time and energy,” Cobb says, “on making sure there’s a political agenda in front of these kids every day as they walk in a school building.”

The same Fox News story said the Fairfax school board decided to postpone its vote on the co-ed sex-ed class. The army of irate parents who showed up at the school board meeting took credit for the school board cowardly dropping the topic that had filled the room with protesters.

“They’re afraid because, hey, I’m a mother bear,” one parent said of the school board.

Back in New Jersey, Quinlan says parents have belatedly realized they are in a spiritual battle against secular school leaders determined to replace Christianity with a false god, and innocent children are the target of that effort.

“This is demonic to the core,” he warns, “and we all have to stand up against it.”

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