Society is completely bonkers. We have laws regarding how to enter this country, yet they are ignored. People who violate the law should face consequences, but more often than not, we see efforts being made to reward illegal behavior. This one takes the cake: Barack Obama’s illegal alien uncle has now been granted a driver’s license in Massachusetts.

The Boston Herald is reporting something that seems impossible to believe. Barack Obama’s uncle, Onyango Obama, who has faced deportation orders for 20 years, can now drive wherever he wants to go, and he can do it legally.

“It defies common sense. I can’t comprehend how the president’s uncle can have his license reinstated while we’re all quite aware of … his immigration status,” said Worcester County Sheriff Lewis Evangelidis, one of several lawmen who fought to bring the federal Secure Communities program to Massachusetts so immigration authorities will be notified every time an illegal alien is arrested.

“And I know I’m not alone,” Evangelidis said. “This whole thing is preposterous. But unfortunately, it’s not funny anymore.”

It turns out that what’s actually going on is that Onyango Obama is getting his license returned to him. As reported on My Fox DC, the license had been suspended for 45 days due to a drunk driving conviction. Thus, he had a license. Lost it. And now has it back. All while being an illegal alien facing deportation orders.

What a country! Why do the rest of us have to follow laws? Why even have laws any more? If he is facing deportation, then deport him!

It’s pretty obvious that authorities know where to find him. Once they do, they should furnish him with a one-way ticket out. Laws are made to be followed, and that applies to illegal aliens too.

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