President Barack Obama’s pressure on public schools to limit the number of suspensions and expulsions for minorities has resulted in a sharp increase in violence for a school district in Wisconsin.

Since the Milwaukee schools decided to abide by the president’s mandate, there have been 31,000 reports of fighting or aggressive behavior.

Stacy Washington of Project 21 (The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives) argues that the White House never bothered to investigate the situation before directing schools to follow the president’s alleged “anti-discrimination” policy.

“And to have [him] make comments about what local taxing authorities [and] school districts should do with their students without first studying the issues and then having recommendations made to him by the affected parties is short-sighted — and it’s an overreach,” she asserts.

The conservative activist, who serves on the National Advisory Council Project, contends that in addition to the above statistics, there have also been 646 referrals concerning sexual assault and 399 for weapons.

“The president is [jeopardizing] the lives of teachers and other students who aren’t violent … by basically just speaking out of the side of his neck and being very short-sighted — and reaching into areas where he has zero competency,” Washington continues.

Student behavior has gotten worse as suspensions have dwindled from approximately 26,000 during the 2007-2008 school year to just over 8,000 last year.


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