Outgoing President Barack Obama set a new record with just two months remaining until his departure from the White House by putting his regulatory footprint on virtually every facet of American life – through 527 pages of new rules and regulations.

By adding more than 500 pages of new restrictions on Americans’ way of life and the way they do business, the Obama administration increased the total of this years’ rules to 81,640 – a one year total that is unprecedented, as no other sitting president has ever impressed this number of limitations on American citizens since the nation’s founding … more than two centuries ago.

A legacy of limitations

Before Obama’s litany of regulations this year, the previous record for pages of such limitations for one year was set by his own administration during its first term in 2010, when 81,405 pages were added.

But the deluge of regulations being set by Obama is far from over, as the 2016 working year will not come to an end for more than a month, and many more rules and restrictions are believed to be on the near horizon.

After examining Obama’s track record over the past eight years of his administration, Clyde Wayne Crews, who serves with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, is confident that the number will shoot up dramatically by more than 10,000 pages before New Year’s.

“No one knows what the future holds, but at a pace of well over 1,000 pages weekly, the Federal Register could easily top 90,000 pages this year,” Crews pointed out, according to Townhall.

Doing the calculations, the business analyst is confident that the president will have no problem beating his former record set six years ago by more well more than 11,000 pages – meaning he will leave office with a regulatory bang.

“The simple algebra says that at the current pace, we’ll add 11,190 pages over the next 44 days, to end 2016 at around 92,830 pages,” Crews added.

Regulatory alert

Crews insists that Americans should be alarmed at what is taking place within the White House to straight-arm Americans as Obama’s last days in the Oval Office quickly wind down.

“This is astonishing and should be of great concern – and intolerable – to policymakers,” the business expert impressed

However, it is maintained that excessive regulations have been the name of the game for Obama since day one in the White House. After further examination of the totals, Townhall reported that the current commander-in-chief holds seven out of the 10 highest Federal Register counts on record.

A new era before us?

In stark contrast to Obama’s regulatory frenzy over the past eight years, President-elect Donald Trump promised Americans to make slashing regulations one of his top priorities during his first weeks behind his desk in the Oval Office.

Offering some advice and encouragement, Crews expressed that he is hopeful that Trump will uphold his vow to the American people and cast away many of the unnecessary and overbearing regulations imposed by the Obama administration’s big government machine.

“The new president-elect Donald Trump could take a page from President Reagan, who brought page counts down from Carter’s 73,258 to as low as. 44,812,” Crews concluded. “We don’t need a pen and phone – we need a meat axe.”


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