Outgoing President Obama is honoring his longstanding yearly pledge to give another $500 million to the Palestinian government – a regime that has vowed to bring about Israel’s ultimate destruction.

Recently divulged federal documents indicate that the half a billion American tax dollars will be used to help build an infrastructure project for the Palestinians that was officially launched by the Obama administration shortly after the New Year.

The latest commitment of the Obama administration serves as another American slap in the face to Israel, following Obama’s refusal to veto the United Nations Security Council’s resolution weeks ago that condemned the Jewish State for building housing within its own borders in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

“The sudden surge of lavish spending followed 10 months of inactivity in the introduction of new U.S. assistance initiatives in the West Bank and Gaza, accelerating right after the Democrats lost the presidential election,” WND reports. “The initiative comes at a time when the outgoing administration has come under fire for failing to reject a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israel, followed by Secretary of State John Kerry’s defense of that inaction by proclaiming that ‘Israel cannot be both Jewish and democratic.’”

Numerous political figures on both sides of the party line have taken a bold stand against not only the U.N.’s anti-Israel resolution, but against the United States continuing its funding of the global “peacemaker” – with many demanding that the Obama administration kick the U.N. out of America altogether.

Funding jihadists?

Many critics of the Obama administration’s pro-Palestinian dedication are upset that federal funding is going into building up luxurious amenities for the Palestinian Authority (PA), which is led in part by the Islamic terror group, Hamas.

“Notable among Obama’s new Palestinian contracting actions is the Building Foundations Program, an initiative to build or improve Gaza and West Bank transportation networks and water, solid-waste and electric-power infrastructure,” WND’s Steve Peacock informed. “The plan entails the creation of governmental buildings and other facilities, such as sports complexes ‘designed to benefit the public interest.’”

The highly critiqued government entity, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which is notorious for promoting progressive agendas across the globe – including homosexuality and abortion – is also excited about Obama’s dedication to sink more money into the Palestinians. USAID extolled the president after the New Year for building up a people – who have called America “the Big Satan” and Israel “the Little Satan” The new plans were outlined in a January 5 announcement.

“USAID is fulfilling President Obama’s promise to the Palestinian people by working to overcome the many challenges that Palestinians face every day,” the government report, known as Solicitation No. SOL-294-17-000002 reads, according to WND, which also revealed the government’s explanation for the project. “USAID is an essential element of the U.S. government’s support for the Palestinian-Israeli peace process. The Building Foundations contract is the latest evidence of American commitment to the Palestinian people.”

Trend of throwing good money after bad

However, devotion to pumping money into the terrorist-led Palestinian government is nothing new to the White House over the decades.

“Indeed, the U.S. – since the Bill Clinton administration – has provided about $4.7 billion in congressionally approved aid to the Palestinians,” Peacock pointed out. “The agency – which is now soliciting bids from contractors to carry out the targeted infrastructure advancements – also is exploring the launch of several separate endeavors to help the Palestinian Authority, or PA.”

The half-a-billion dollars is reportedly working to drastically build up the PA – as many believe the U.S. funds are being used to set up a future Palestinian state – that is expected to run in opposition to Israel.

“The other projects include a training initiative for PA security forces, in addition to a vaguely worded endeavor to deliver 165 ‘ocean containers’ to the PA in Jericho,” Peacock noted. “The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, or INL, recently issued a call for bids from contractors capable of helping the U.S. government train PA security organizations. While the provision of security assistance is not new, the endeavor seeks to bring about ‘a longer-term institutional development focus.’”

The funding will fuel development from July 30, 2017 to July 29, 2017, which is stated in the program’s Statement of Work (SOW).

“[The money will be used to focus on] maintaining and sustaining PA capabilities to provide security,” the SOW reads. “Additional four (4) one-year option periods may be exercised based on continued availability of funding and INL’s desire to continue this program.”

A number of key players are coordinating to build up the Palestinian government, which has received major support from the U.N. during the Islamic people’s conflict with Israel.

“INL will work with the United States Security Coordinator, or USSC, a Department of Defense team, in coordinating the action, which focuses on personnel support at facilities in the West Bank and in Jordan,” Peacock explained. “PA Security Forces receiving U.S. assistance include the National Security Forces, Palestinian Civil Police, Presidential Guard, Civil Defense, the Preventive Security Organization and also the Ministry of Interior.”

It appears as if major steps are being made to build up a bigger and stronger regime – one many believe is being set up to eventually rival the Jewish State in the Holy Land.

“The selected contractor will provide training mentors, or TMs, language assistants such as interpreters and translators, plus subject-matter experts,” added Peacock. “The TMs specifically will be deployed to the Jordan International Police Training Center and the Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II Academy of Civil Protection.”

Paying for peace or future conflict?

Even though the PA is led by Islamic terrorists seeking to destroy Israel, the USSC ironically maintains that one of the objectives behind the exorbitant project funded by the U.S. is to fight terrorism and live peacefully alongside Israelis.

“[Our goal is to ensure that the PA eventually possesses] professional and self-sustaining security institutions, accountable to and under legitimate civilian authority, that effectively combat terrorism and criminal threats to law and order,” the USSC stated. “[We also seek to give the PA the ability to] perpetuate an environment of security and stability for the Palestinian people … [We also seek to be] able to provide for the national security of a future Palestinian State, and serve as a stable and peaceful neighbor to the State of Israel.”

Obama’s State Department is slated to deliver 165 “ocean containers” to the PA to the area referred to as “Jericho, Palestinian Territory, Occupied.” February proposals submitted by USAID are requesting funding to pour into the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education – a controversial system that has taught Palestinian youth and young adults in the past to detest their Israeli neighbors and to not acknowledge that the State of Israel exists.


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