What a difference four years make. In 2008, there was Amber Lee Ettinger who shot to fame with her “Obama Girl” videos. In 2012, it’s a whole new ball game, and Barack Obama’s statements against traditional marriage have inspired Brooklyn resident Justin Brown to become “Obama Boy.” And he’s got a crush on Obama.

As reported in Politico.com, “Justin Brown, who describes himself on his Facebook page as a ‘Producer, Actor, Director and Writer at Seymore Films and the Maine Studios,’ plays ‘Obama Boy’ in a new YouTube video that focuses on Obama’s support of gay marriage.”

Here are some of the lyrics:

Cuz I gotta a crush on Obama
I cannot wait for my soul mate
Barry you’re the finest candidate
I can’t wait to see you get hard on Romney in debate
Why don’t you pick up your phone cuz
I got a crush on Obama
I cannot wait for my soul mate.
Barry you’re the finest candidate.
Open, honest and out
That’s what we’re all about

The Obama Boy web site has recently gone live, and it’s sole purpose appears to be it’s support of Barack Obama and his stance on gay marriage. Even the site logo embraces that theme.

Is this politics in the 21st century? Forget the issues, just focus on fringe elements that take America away from what’s really important. It’s just disgusting. According to Brown, the Obama campaign loves the video. If you were president, is this how you would want to be defined?

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