Former President Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder is excited about seizing the “opportunity” presented by the global coronavirus pandemic as a means to make “permanent” political changes that advance the Democratic Party’s platform.

“Coronavirus gives us an opportunity to revamp our electoral system so that it permanently becomes more inclusive and becomes easier for the American people to access,” Holder expressed to TIME Magazine in a Tuesday posting. “It would be foolhardy to take these pro-democracy measures off the table after we get on the other side of the virus. These are changes that we should make permanent because it will enhance our democracy.”

Getting votes any way they can

In the face of the Republican Party’s arguments about absentee and mail-in ballots being major contributors to voter fraud, Holder insisted such votes would be crucial in the upcoming election cycle.

“There has to be a sea change in our thinking there – allow people to access their primary American right by voting at home – it’s not as if this is an untried concept,” he explained. “Oregon has been doing this for years, but we have to make sure that we’re being sensitive to the needs of poor communities and communities of color by doing things like having prepaid postage on envelopes. Construct a system so that you’ve got expanded in-person voting, you’ve got expanded at-home voting and expanded no-excuse absentee vote-at-home measures.”

And Holder was noted as not being the only one using the coronavirus to the Democratic Party’s advantage.

“The country has seen that repeatedly with the coronavirus pandemic, as Democratic governors throughout the country flex their political muscles to at the expense of constitutional rights, or when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to hold up the coronavirus relief package to stuff it full of Democratic priorities American voters don’t share,” Western Journal’s Joe Saunders pointed out. “Holder – the man who spent six years disgracing the concept of rule of law in the Obama White House – tried to sell his ideas to a lapdog interviewer as ‘pro-democracy,’ and making elections ‘more inclusive,’ but what he’s talking about is destroying the integrity of the voting system at its base.”

Capitalizing on others’ demise is reportedly nothing new to top Democrats, such as Obama’s former Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste,” Emanuel has been repeatedly quoted over the years.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – especially when it comes to top Democrats justifying reasons for the loose monitoring of votes.

“Prominent Democrats, like President Obama, former First Lady Michelle Obama, twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have all pushed for mail-in ballots to become more widespread,” Townhall’s Beth Baumann impressed. “The one thing we never hear about from these Democrats is about voter fraud; we don’t hear about ballot harvesting, [and] the issue with ballot harvesting, in itself, is it allows political operatives to collect and return ballots.”

Such fraudulent activity has surfaced repeatedly over the years, with influential Democrats in many races receiving votes from prisoners, illegal aliens, the deceased and even the entire Dallas Cowboys’ roster … just to name a few.

“There’s no way to know if those operatives are actually turning in people’s ballots or if they’re magically ‘losing’ the ballots of those who oppose their candidate or their cause,” Baumann continued. “Then there’s the issue of voter identification. Who’s to say that the person who filled out the ballot is the registered voter? There’s no one to double-check that information. No one has to produce any kind of identification. It’s based entirely on the honor system.”

It is argued that inclusivity has little to nothing to do with Holder’s reasoning for wanting a remote voting system.

“What Holder and his supporters care about isn’t the integrity of any election, or the secret ballot that makes an honest, completely independent individual vote possible, or a system of voter registration that makes sure those casting a vote are legal residents of the country or the jurisdiction that they’re voting in,” Saunders asserted. “Democrats don’t care, at bottom, about how an election works – they care about the results.”

According to Baumann, integrity, fairness and equality have nothing to do with Democrats’ push to revolutionize voting – especially as they seek to avoid the problem of widespread fraud their proposed system invites.

“But Democrats will never talk about those issues. You know why? Because they almost always favor their party,” Baumann argued. “Why would they want to fix a broken system that favors their candidates and their causes? If anything, they want to bolster this broken system – not strengthen it.”

It doesn’t stop with voting

Besides attempting to permanently change the voting system via the coronavirus pandemic, it is contended that Democrats are seeking multiple power grabs to take away Americans’ freedom – including their freedom of religion – as OneNewsNow reported Friday.

“States and local municipalities are telling churches they can’t meet – and in some cases, that they can’t even gather in the parking lot in separate cars [as Mississippi police officers recently ticketed parking lot church attendees and fined them $500 each],” OneNewsNow recounted. “Kentucky’s Democratic governor, Andy Beshear, has shuttered churches, closed public parks, and put in travel restrictions. In Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer – also a Democrat – has banned sales of plants, seeds, and garden equipment; and she has micromanaged what kind of watercraft are allowed on lakes in her state.”

American Values President Gary Bauer told OneNewsNow that massive power grabs during crises are right out of Democrats’ progressive playbook.

“The forces in our society that want to restrict liberty – particularly religious liberty – always use a crisis to advance their agenda,” Bauer explained. “You might think, ‘Well, this is just temporary. I’m going to give up this liberty just because of this brief emergency we’re in,’ [but] that ends up becoming a precedent – and left-wing judges, who tend to make up law as they go – will take that precedent and use it to continue to deny you your liberty.”


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