The New York Times and Democrats are telling President Joe Biden to “ease up” on and “rescind” his executive actions – after he said last year during his campaign that dictators rule by executive order … and then signed a record-breaking 24 executive orders in his first week at the White House.

According to TheBlaze, Biden’s unprecedented two dozen executive orders are included in his total of 37 executive actions signed during week one to undermine the policies former President Donald Trump used to fulfill his Make America Great Again pledge, with many on the left applauding Democrat’s efforts.

The editorial board at the far-left-leaning newspaper wrote an op-ed, “Ease Up on the Executive Actions, Joe,” acknowledging that it, the Democratic Party and other liberals are ecstatic about the moves to counter the former Trump administration’s conservative policies, calling Biden’s 37 signed executive actions a “raft” of aggressive shifts to the left, which includes numerous polarizing issues.

“Already, he has committed to rejoining the Paris climate change agreement, ended the Muslim travel ban [for countries proven to harbor Islamic terrorism], canceled the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, rescinded funding for and halted construction on the wall at the southern border, reaffirmed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, mandated mask-wearing on federal grounds, moved to end the federal government’s reliance on private prisons, reversed the ban on transgender military service and called for agency assessments aimed at advancing racial equity [by teaching that systemic racism if rife in all of America’s institutions] — just to name a few,” The New York Times listed off Wednesday. “The coming days will bring more such action.”

Wrong-way Joe …

At the same time, however, the liberal daily acknowledged how Republicans are “grumbling” about the onslaught of orders and  “accusing” Biden of not only “overreach,” but of “betraying his pledge to seek unity” – and agreed that Biden is going about things the wrong to get things done.

“But this is no way to make law – a polarized, narrowly divided Congress may offer Mr. Biden little choice but to employ executive actions or see his entire agenda held hostage, [but] these directives, however, are a flawed substitute for legislation, [as] they are intended to provide guidance to the government and need to work within the discretion granted the executive by existing law or the Constitution,” the Times argued. “They do not create new law – though executive orders carry the force of law – and they are not meant to serve as an end run around the will of Congress, [and] by design, such actions are more limited in what they can achieve than legislation, and presidents who overreach invite intervention by the courts.”

Besides the legal limitations of executive actions, the paper explained how they end up tugging policies back-and-forth when parties switch in the White House, making for inconsistent policies that turn many people’s lives upside-down – and that more permanent processes should be pursued.

“Executive actions are far more ephemeral and easily discarded than legislation, which can set up a whipsaw effect, as each president scrambles to undo the work of his predecessor,” the NYT added. “Just as Mr. Trump set about reversing as many of President Barack Obama’s directives as possible, Mr. Biden is now working to reverse many of Mr. Trump’s reversals. With executive orders, there is always another presidential election just a few years off, threatening to upend everything.”

Biden was then advised to make a legacy for himself and “hammer out agreements with Congress,” rather than go the route of the temporary fix.

“Now it is time for the new president to show the American people what permanent change for a better nation can look like,” the Times insisted, wanting Biden to engrain leftist policies into American politics and society for years after his presidency.

Democratic discord in Texas

Democratic leaders in Texas are also condemning Biden, saying he was being too free with his pen when signing an executive order Wednesday that ordered the state’s secretary of the interior to end new oil and gas leases on federal public lands and waters “to the extent possible” – in order to forward the Democratic Party’s ultra-left climate change agenda that crushes the oil industry and jobs.

“In a letter, Democratic Reps. Vicente Gonzalez of McAllen, Henry Cuellar of Laredo, Lizzie Pannill Fletcher of Houston and Marc Veasey of Fort Worth called Biden’s order ‘far-reaching’ and demanded he rescind it, arguing that banning ‘responsible energy leasing’ would eliminate jobs, decrease the country’s gross domestic product, increase crude imports from foreign countries and chip away at federal revenue, among other concerns,” the Texas Tribune announced.

Killing jobs to forward questionable – at best – “science” supposedly geared to battle so-called “global warming” was argued to be outright irresponsible and reckless.

“Texas … has been ravaged by the coronavirus, and this recent Executive Order will hurt an already suffering community; therefore, I urge the Biden administration to rescind this federal order and reevaluate the impact of this measure with input from relevant stakeholders and experts,” Gonzalez stated in a news release, according to the Tribune.

Besides halting future oil production in newly tapped lands, Biden’s “Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad Executive Order” seeks to undo much oil and gas production already taking place in the Lone Star State.

“[Biden’s order] also calls for the interior secretary to ‘launch a rigorous’ review of existing energy leases and permits while identifying steps toward doubling offshore wind energy production by 2030,” the Tribune continued. “It also establishes an interagency National Climate Task Force along with the development of an emissions-reduction target.”


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