ABC and NPR reporter Cokie Roberts doesn’t think much of Donald Trump supporters – and her bias is on full display in her reporting.

The GOP presidential candidate wants a moratorium on refugees brought in from countries that export terrorism. He wants those who do come to the U.S. to be subject to “extreme vetting” – although he hasn’t been specific on what that is.

That, according to reporter Cokie Roberts, is racist – and she told Joe Scarborough on MSNBC that those who support him are racist as well.

Roberts: “They’re morally tainted. There’s just no question about that. You can’t say He’s a racist and what he said was textbook racism, but I support him because he’s the nominee of my party.”

The bias is evidently so clear that NPR has rebranded Roberts as a “commentator,” since it doesn’t want its reporters taking sides in a political race.

According to Dan Gainor of Media Research Center, Roberts is using a classic leftist smear. “They use pretty much four code words to describe people who they disagree with on the right or to the right of center: crazy, stupid, evil, or racist,” he explains.

But Roberts and Scarborough weren’t done.

Scarborough: “Have you ever seen anything like this where you have a candidate so morally tainted that people are calling him a racist and they’re calling him a con man, at the same time they’re saying We embrace him?”

Roberts: “Nobody’s ever seen anything like this.”

Gainor says Roberts, who’s from the South, apparently can’t remember politicians like segregationist Alabama Governor George Wallace and West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd – a former member of the KKK. Then again, both Wallace and Byrd were Democrats.

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