Texas lawmakers might be unable to act fast enough to legally help owners of an East Texas bakery.

Edie and David Delorme own Kern’s Bake Shop in Longview, Texas, where they refused to service a same-sex “wedding.”

The offended men said they felt “dehumanized” by the rejection, the far-left Huffington Post reported.

As Christians, the Delormes say using their skills to celebrate a relationship forbidden by God is not a fit for them.

Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values says the couple also refuses to do alcohol-related cakes and other orders they find objectionable.

Those refusals are similar to a Kentucky t-shirt shop owner, who refused to make t-shirts for a homosexual parade. A judge ruled the owner did not refuse to serve the customers based on their sexual orientation but objected to the message of the product they requested.

Saenz, Jonathan (Texas Values)“I don’t think the government should force people to be part of a particular event or ceremony when their particular products are being showcased in a way that violates their faith,” says Saenz “That’s clearly what’s happening here.”

While Texas has a religious freedom law, it’s not clear that the measure would protect the Longview couple. As a result, Saenz says action is needed, – and not just for Texas bakers.

“(It’s needed) for business owners, for adoption agencies, for foster care and faith-based entities,” says Saenz. “We’ve seen them in other parts of the country, and the folks that want to redefine religious liberty have made it clear that they want to try and change things and attack people’s religious freedom in the state of Texas.”

While Saenz wants the Texas legislature to act, it will be months before that happens. The legislature will not convene for the next session until next year.

In the meantime, AFA Action is urging people to sign a petition and show support for the bakers.


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