Management of a Nike store in Little Rock, Arkansas, called law enforcement on a man for waving a pro-police flag outside in response to the company’s endorsement of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick – notorious for kneeling during the national anthem and protesting police – in its new ad campaign.

An adamant supporter of police and first responders, Jimmie Cavin sat on the tailgate of his pickup truck in front of a Nike store at an Arkansas mall last Thursday and waved a black flag donning the universal pro-police symbol of a blue strip.

“It was lunch time, so they were full, and I know people were watching from over there,” Cavin told KLRT-TV (Fox 16) in an interview. “My priority is supporting law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics.”

Displaying the flag and the message it represents is very important to Cavin, and he did not appreciate Nike’s support of an avid anti-cop protester over those who protect and serve the nation.

“Cavin’s flag was a blue-line flag – the blue represents police officers and the courage they find when faced with insurmountable odds, while the black background is meant to be a constant reminder of our fallen brother and sister officers,” informed.

Calling Nike’s anti-America message out

Not happy with the world’s largest athletic gear company making a statement by embracing the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback – and going against those who serve Americans – Cavin decided to rally support against the anti-American movement that has infiltrated professional sports and its sponsors.

“Now what better place to wave the flag than right here in front of the Nike store?” Cavin posed in a video he posted on Facebook, according to KLRT.

A police report Cavin showed the local Fox 16 TV station indicated that officers soon arrived on the scene in response to one of Nike’s store managers reporting a disturbance, but the flag-waving patriotic police supporter maintained that he did not say a word to a single shopper from the back of his pickup before they arrived.

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“I guess – probably 15 minutes into it – a Little Rock patrol car pulled up,” Cavin explained. “Of course, we chatted. He realized I wasn’t doing anything wrong.”

He then pointed out that the police left the scene almost as quickly as they had arrived, and went on to hint at the irony of Nike’s call to subdue his support of law enforcement.

“So, Nike called the police on the guy supporting the police for supporting the police,” Cavin mused.

Even though Cavin stands against Kaepernick – and Nike’s decision to recently feature him in its new promotional launch – the pro-American Arkansas man still says he believes in the ex-quarterback’s right to express his leftist views … even after becoming the new face of Nike.

“Cavin’s protest came more than a week after Nike announced Kaepernick would be the face of its new advertising campaign,” TheBlaze informed.

Just as he says Kaepernick has the right to express himself, Cavin is not bashful about letting his views be known.

“I usually fly them [flags] on my truck, too,” Cavin told the station, indicating that his demonstrations portray a firm grip on freedom that is bridled by some checks and balances. “I mean – just an ol’ redneck sitting on his tailgate waving a flag.”

Nike’s media relations department responded to KLRT’s request for comment on the situation and insisted that it respects the right of Americans to peacefully protest.

This was not the first time Cavin has rallied behind those who serve America’s people.

“Cavin has posted up at several different spots in central Arkansas over the years waving different flags in support of law enforcement and first responders,” Fox 16’s Tyler Thomason reported. “He plans to continue doing so despite Thursday’s incident.”

Supporting cops despite backlash

In the face of all the virulent backlash Cavin has received via social media – for supporting police and standing against those who disrespect the flag and bash those who protect and serve – he unabashedly made it clear to his haters on social media that he will not stop supporting America’s heroes.

“Message to those who hate me … I don’t care – I have been standing for law enforcement, EMTs, firefighters for a long time,” Cavin wrote in a Facebook post, according to “You think this is the 1st time people have called me names? You think this is the 1st time people have attacked me personally? You think this is the 1st time people have threatened me?”

Unlike the silence he maintained while brandishing his flag outside the Nike store, Cavin then became very vocal about continuing his message – despite the outrage voiced by the anti-America ultra-left movement supporting Kaepernick.

“Let me say to all of these people … bring it!” he exclaimed on Facebook. “Bring all ya got & then bring some more. Do anything you want whenever you wanna do it. When you run out of names to call me, do some research & find some more. When you run out of photo shop ideas, do some research & find some more. When you run out of information to put out about me, do some research & find some more. When you run out of threat ideas, do some research & find some more. I don’t back down & I’m like country music … I’m here to stay.”

Nike losing out …

Even though some sales records show that Nike profits increased around the time of its launch of the Kaepernick campaign, many institutions and organizations across the nation are boycotting the athletic gear manufacturer for joining the anti-American movement.

A private Christian college in Cleveland, Georgia – Truett McConnell University – announced via a statement on Friday that it was ceasing its partnership with Nike while it is working out plans to get rid of the Nike merchandise it currently has.

Truett McConnell University President Emir Caner called Nike out for choosing such an anti-American figure to represent its entire company – and what it stands for.

“For Nike to then hire Colin Kaepernick – a person known for wearing pigs on his socks, mocking law enforcement, kneeling against our flag, and mocking our troops – is reprehensible to my family and to the Truett McConnell family,” Caner’s statement reads, according to CBS News.

The university’s president blasted Nike for embracing someone who thumbs his nose at the country that has given him Kaepernick and millions of other Americans the freedom, safety and opportunity that no other country in the world offers and provides.

“America has sacrificially given my family the freedoms we enjoy today,” Caner added. “My wife – who was raised under the oppression of socialistic communism – became a citizen five years ago, joyfully pledging allegiance to these United States and her flag.”

Last week, Liberty University – another Christian academic institution on the East Coast – also said it was considering boycotting Nike for championing Kaepernick in its new ad campaign.


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