Joe Biden is ramping up his push to eliminate Second Amendment rights under the pretext of public safety. In a statement on Sunday, Biden marked the anniversary of the Parkland shooting in Florida, saying he would take new steps to take guns away from Americans.

His plans include a ban on private ownership of military style rifles, tougher background checks and growing bureaucratic obstacles to buying legal guns. Meanwhile, Biden has proposed little to contain the inflow of illegal weapons into the U.S.

Many Americans said if Biden wants their guns, he may come and get them.
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Gun control bill from Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee would create national firearm registry, require licensing

Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has proposed a gun control bill that would create a national firearm registry, set a minimum gun ownership age at 21 and both require licensing and psychological evaluations.

The proposed Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act would make it a crime to possess a firearm or ammunition without the new license or sell one to someone who doesn’t have the license.

The bill is named for an exchange student from Pakistan who died in a Texas school shooting in 2018.
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