Attorney, author, and radio personality Clay Travis did not appreciate the PSA (view below) from groups including Sesame Workshop, the Ad Council, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“No kid under five, in my opinion, should get the COVID shot,” Travis tweeted. “The fact that this propaganda aired on Sesame Street is indefensible.”

“It’s okay to have questions about COVID-19 vaccines for children!” the Sesame Workshop public service announcement tweet is captioned. “Elmo’s dad Louie talked to their pediatrician, and learned that Elmo getting vaccinated is the best way to keep him and his whole neighborhood safe and healthy!”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) also weighed in on Twitter, applauding “Sesame Street” for saying parents are allowed to have questions:

“You then have Elmo aggressively advocate for vaccinating children under five, but you cite ZERO scientific evidence for this.”

Former Representative Sean Duffy (R-Wisconsin) told the “Fox & Friends First” program that the program is advocating a vaccine for a pandemic that has waned.

“Parents put their kids in front of a television and think they’re going to be learning the ABCs and how to count to 10, but in reality, they’re trying to indoctrinate your children that they should go in and get a vaccine or tell their parents they should go get a vaccine,” said Duffy. “This is outrageous.”

He added that parents cannot trust the liberals at PBS or in the school system’s unions.


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