There’s an old adage that says, “Without the Second Amendment, there wouldn’t be a First Amendment or any other constitutional guarantee.”

The means to enforce constitutional law has always been dependent upon the people’s ability to possess firearms free from government restraint. A well-regulated and armed militia (a militia is composed of private citizens) isn’t strictly limited to repelling invading armies. Militias are intended for one stated purpose only – as being “necessary to the security of a free state” from both foreign and domestic threats in whatever form they may appear. Otherwise, without the capability to forcefully maintain, if necessary, our founding document would eventually be diminished to a collection of meaningless words on paper, subject to the whims or abuses of government.

Yet the Second Amendment is one of the most vilified clauses in the entire Constitution. Rarely does one hear of protests or proposed controls over the remaining 26 amendments or articles, unless it’s to complain of alleged First Amendment violations.

It’s no secret President Obama isn’t an ally of the pro-gun crowd. His constant harping on the subject, linked with a stream of executive orders to restrict or restrain gun-related activities has only succeeded in promoting skyrocketing sales of firearms and related items. In spite of professing his earnest desire to remove weapons from the hands of criminals by imposing more federal gun regulations on noncriminals, Obama realizes his time is running out to implement a lasting legacy of anti-gun policies.

Which is probably why he has proposed more than $1 billion be spent on increased funding for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the FBI to reduce gun violence. He’s also requested more than $35 million be allocated to hire 200 more ATF agents and an additional 230 FBI officers to process background checks on commercial firearms sales. When the math is done, the figures work out to about $81,395 per employee. Not bad wages for a new hire sitting behind a desk, running computer background scans on a prospective gun customer.

Interestingly, Obama’s $4.1 trillion 2017 federal budget proposal also calls for $2.6 trillion in tax increases. In other words, more than half the budget will supposedly be paid by taxes not even collected yet. Absolutely unbelievable when the nation is already nearly $20 trillion in debt. We are now in “bust-the-bank” territory.

Meanwhile, Obama seems completely oblivious to reality or the financial abyss we are rapidly approaching through unrestrained borrowing, taxing and spending. With each passing day, national bankruptcy becomes a distinct possibility.

The continual nitpicking by gun control activists, including the president, constantly ignores the fact there is already a lawfully established method available to control firearms. It’s called the amendment process, and the Constitution plainly outlines the procedure. Instead of making back-door legal challenges, end runs or executive orders to skip around the Second Amendment, all the president, Congress or the states have to do is simply introduce and approve a new constitutional amendment to repeal the Second Amendment.

Its only successfully been done once before and involved, among other things, the people’s right to drink beer. So the chances of revoking the people’s right to possess guns is probably equally farcical. But delirium runs rampant in Washington and may actually be a requirement for certain job descriptions. As a result, gun bashing has been elevated to a whole new level of lunacy by proponents who either do not understand the vulnerability of an unarmed citizenry or do understand the dangers and are working fervently to promote them.

Considering the multitude of perils confronting our society, it would seem logical that additional gun control initiatives shouldn’t have such a prominent position on Obama’s to-do list. With an increasingly hostile environment, what can be gained agitating a large portion of law-abiding citizens by threatening to further constrain their right to own and use firearms? If criminals are really the intended targets, then go after them and leave everyone else alone.

Of course, this makes too much sense and is an obvious contradiction to Obama’s thought process.

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