The mainstream media and Big Tech tried their best to hide bad news about Joe Biden and good news about Donald Trump before Election Day, and it appears to have worked just as planned.

Curtis Houck of Media Research Center says the media watchdog surveyed Biden supporters to gauge their news knowledge on three Biden scandals and five Trump campaign successes.

“Eighty-two percent of voters in these states – Biden voters in particular – were unaware of at least one of these stories,” he tells One News Now.

MRC used The Polling Company to interview 1,750 Biden voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, CNS News reported. 

Among the examples, Biden voters said they were unaware of the Hunter Biden scandals involving Ukraine and China, Tara Reade’s rape allegations, and Kamala Harris’ famously liberal voting record.

The same voters said they were unaware of the booming Trump economy, which bounced back during the pandemic, and had no idea about the historic Middle East peace deals or the speedily-produced coronavirus vaccine.

“Seventeen percent of voters said that if they were told of either Trump successes or Biden/Harris scandals,” Houck tells One News Now, “they would have changed their vote.”

Had that have happened, Houck suggests we might not be in the middle of lawsuits and recounts right now. That is because MRC examined the poll findings and looked at battleground state results.

“In every case, with the exception of Nevada,” he advises, “it would have netted the president more than enough votes to put him almost 200,000 votes up.”

In other words, Houck adds, the national media that is currently reporting about Joe Biden’s dogs Major and Champ, and now a new cat, stole the election from American voters. That crime is just as bad, he insists, as dead voters casting ballots and doctored election software.


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