The Obama-loving mainstream media have stopped at nothing in their attempts to trash the presidency of Donald Trump, Barack Obama’s successor, before the new President’s agenda can take hold. Trump has promised a health care overhaul, immigration reform, tax reform, to leave the Paris climate agreement, and to hold America’s interests first on the world stage. Some of these goals have been achieved; others have not. But what remains clear is that the overwhelming majority of mainstream journalists and other Obama supporters alike see Trump as a threat to Obama’s legacy items of health care, climate change and Iran, to name a few.

And the press has gone all out to criticize Trump in whatever way possible. A recent Shorenstein Center Harvard study found that CNN and NBC had given Trump 93 percent negative coverage. The study, according to the researchers, followed the reporting of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, “CBS Evening News, CNN’s The Situation Room, Fox’s Special Report, and NBC Nightly News,” and “three European news outlets.”

We regularly monitor these same sources for liberal media bias, and find that the examples of misreporting and partiality are endless. The Democrat-Media complexincestuously favors the left at the expense of the truth. Most of the journalists who fill the airwaves each night were in the tank for Hillary Clinton, and remain horrified by a Trump victory.

As an example of the misreporting, CNN recently published a hit piece on Trump entitled, “Trump’s new foil: a silent Barack Obama.” Never mind that Obama regularly blamed George W. Bush for his administration’s failings. This recent CNN piece actually claims that Obama’s legacy isn’t under threat “because Obama has already done all he can to secure his reputation for posterity.

It has been news organizations like CNN and NBC that have sought to secure Obama’s legacy through non-stop propaganda pieces praising the former president’s programs such as the ailing Obamacare, as well contributing to the deluge of negative reporting on Trump.

Also, Obama can remain silent because he has so many others to speak for him: David Axelrod and Van Jones at CNN, Marie Harf at Fox News, and Josh Earnest at NBC and MSNBC, to name a few. We have reported on how Obama’s organization, Organizing for Action, was working with the Soros-linked grassroots group Indivisible to undermine Trump’s agenda. In other words, pro-Obama activities have been far from absent in the current political climate.

“If for instance,” writes CNN, “his [Trump’s] moves on health care and climate change backfire and come to be seen as historic mistakes, Obama’s reputation is likely to prosper by contrast with his successor, whatever Trump says now.” CNN, as with so many journalists and news organizations, hopes against hope that this will happen.

“He [Obama] is likely to be judged on his efforts to rescue the economy after the Great Recession,” writes CNN, continuing, “his decision not to strike Syria over its use of chemical weapons, and more intangible impressions, including his personal integrity and political skills, and his status as the first African-American president.”

By personal integrity, CNN likely means that Obama faced no real scandals during his presidency. This claim is utter nonsense. From the IRS scandal to Fast & Furious to the 2012 Benghazi fiasco to his knowledge of Hillary’s regular mishandling of classified material, Obama was constantly faced with the specter of scandal throughout his presidency. But the media regularly gave him a pass.

Obama’s record in the Middle East is also a blot on his legacy. As part of the Arab Spring, Obama participated in the move to bring the Muslim Brotherhood into power in Egypt. The Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi exposed how he worked to overthrow Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi by aiding al Qaeda-linked rebels, with disastrous results that destabilized that country and turned it into a terror safe haven. But most dangerous of all, Obama, through the unsigned Iran deal, crafted a path for Iran to gain nuclear capabilities, and, thereby, nuclear weapons.

These are just some of the achievements that Obama will leave for posterity.

The Washington Post is reporting that America’s world standing has dropped under Trump when compared to Obama’s appeal on the world stage. “From Chile to Italy, from Sweden to Japan, majorities consider the president arrogant, intolerant, unqualified and dangerous,” writes the Post. “On the flip side, most view him as a strong leader. And many expect their country’s relationship with the United States to withstand his presidency.”

The Washington Post published a lengthy article, followed by an hour-long special on CNN this week, both attempting to make a virtue out of the notion that Obama wasn’t tough on Russia for their alleged meddling in our presidential election. This because he didn’t want to appear to be putting his thumb on the scale to help Hillary get elected. More nonsense. He interfered in the FBI investigation of Hillary’s mishandling of classified materials by publicly stating that she had been merely “careless,” and that she hadn’t jeopardized national security, while the investigation was ongoing.

If countries abroad consider Trump dangerous, it is at least in part because of the propaganda war the media have waged against this President, skewing international opinion. As I recently said on Cavuto Coast to Coast on the Fox Business Network, “I still haven’t seen seven percent positive coverage [of Trump] on either network [NBC and CNN], I don’t believe.” Perhaps the Shorenstein staff were too generous in their results. The media’s continued focus on undermining Trump comes at the expense of impartial journalism and reporters’ personal integrity.


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