Pedophiles are attempting to soften their image in hopes of being included under the “LGBT” banner.

For years pedophiles have been congregating online, insisting that there’s nothing wrong with their attraction to children as long as they don’t act on it – and even claiming victimhood.

Following behind the push to separate mental issues from transgenders, these same pedophiles adopted the label “Minor-Attracted Persons” hoping to shed a reputation that is both sick and sinful.

Peter LaBarbera, who fights homosexual activism at Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, says the homosexual movement is centered around recognizing “deviant identities” as normal.

“So why not the pedophiles?” he asks. “That’s the question.”

The Daily Caller reported this rebranding attempt in a July 9 story, linking to a homosexual news website, Gay Star News, that warns in its own story that “pedophiles are attempting to be part of the LGBTI community.”

The Gay Star News story itself linked to “The Prevention Project” that claims it exists to treat people who are attracted to minors.

It wasn’t lost on The Daily Caller nor the Gay Star News that the Project uses the scenario of a man named “John” to claim he is a victim of misunderstanding:

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“John” is actually not a child molester nor is he a sex offender. The term “sex offender” is a legal construct that one receives as the result of being found guilty and sentenced in the criminal justice system for sexually abusing someone. Instead, “John” has an attraction to children and he wants help to ensure he is safe in society. He is also committed to preventing child sexual abuse by speaking out against it and by showing his support of global child sexual abuse prevention programs on his social media. Why would “John” not deserve support via therapy? After all, isolation and depression are known to increase one’s risk of doing something they might regret. 

The issue is making headlines around the world, too.

LifeSiteNews reports that a German medical student caused an uproar after defending pedophillia as an “unchangeable sexual orientation” in front of an audience at the University of Wurtzberg.

The student, Mirjam Heine, also claimed – much like The Prevention Project – that “excluding” pedophiles makes them more likely to abuse children, when society should allow them to be “frank” about their feelings instead of “blaming and mocking them.”

Heine was conducting a Tedx Talk that was later removed due to her controversial claims.

According to LaBarbera, it’s not inconceivable for the same movement that demands children can change their gender to also demand that children can choose the sexual behavior that they desire.

In other words, he tells OneNewsNow, the LGBT movement is not off the hook for this latest push for acceptance.

“There is a troubling history,” says Labarbera, “linking adult sex with minors – the tolerance of that – in the homosexual movement.”

In fact, Harvey Milk, the late homosexual-rights pioneer, was fondled by grown men when he attended the Metropolitan Opera as a boy – a pattern of abuse described as cyclical and rampant by former homosexual Joseph Sciambra.

More recently, Human Rights Campaign co-founder Terry Bean made headlines in 2014 when he and his “partner” were indicted for sodomy and sexual abuse of a 15-year-old boy.

Court documents showed the teen was offered $225,000 in a civil compromise and Bean escaped the felony charges when the teen failed to appear for court.

“This is not to say that gay activists are right now welcoming them,” LaBarbera says of pedophiles. “It’s just that they’re following the gay activist model and recognition, and mainstreaming in society.”


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