Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia continues to rain on the democrat’s parade, indicating he still won’t support changing the filibuster.

If you aren’t familiar with the situation, the democrats want to change the filibuster so they can pass legislation without the republican vote; specifically, they want to pass their election bill.

“I can’t imagine a carve-out,” Manchin told CNN, adding that it’s time to stop diminishing the parliamentary tactic that requires 60 votes to pass most legislation, per Just the News.

“I was here in 2013 when it was called a carve-out,” he continued, referring to an exemption from the filibuster in 2013 so Obama’s Cabinet appointees could be confirmed. “We’re just going to do the Cabinet for the president, and then it went into, we’re going to do the judges who are lifetime appointments for circuit and district.”

“They were even going to do Supreme Court,” he noted, “but they didn’t at that time. The democrats were in control. 2017, Mitch McConnell’s in control, comes right back in, and guess what. That carve-out worked to really carve us up pretty bad. Then you got the Supreme Court, okay, so there’s no stopping it.”

Though he is a democrat, Manchin has continuously thrown a monkey wrench in the democratic Congressional agenda, often siding with republicans on various issues. He is also one of few democrats who repeatedly seeks to work alongside his opposing colleagues to get things done in Washington.

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