Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham conceded Sunday that the idea of Senate Republicans voting to dismiss immediately the House impeachment articles was “dead for practical purposes,” saying that the GOP majority lacked the votes.

“That’s dead for practical purposes,” Mr. Graham said on “Fox News Sunday.” “There are a lot of senators who I think will wind up acquitting the president, but believe that we need to hear the House’s case, the president’s answer to the House’s case, and ask questions, and that’s when the witness requests will be.”

His response ended speculation that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would hold a vote Tuesday to sink the trial without hearing the House impeachment managers make their case or the president’s legal team respond.

“So the idea of dismissing the case early on is not going to happen,” said Mr. Graham. “We don’t have the votes for that. So we’ll play it out along the Clinton model.”

Full video of Lindsey Graham on Fox News Sunday.

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