As Democrats desperately grapple for ways to discredit and oust President Donald Trumps’ U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett, the best charge they can come up with is that she calls herself a “handmaid” in a Christian organization – meaning a servant of God.

Since her nomination, Barrett’s approval has gone from a narrow 37% to 34% margin in favor of confirmation to a 46% to 31% margin in a Morning Consult poll released week, and the left now appears to be grasping at straws as more and more Americans see her as a qualified fit for the nation’s highest court.

“By a 15-point margin, significant plurality of voters now favor confirming ACB to Supreme Court,” Townhall’s Guy Benson tweeted Wednesday. “Less than 1/3 oppose.”

Adding to Democrats’ fears later that day, a Fox News survey revealed a majority of Americans want Barrett – a devout Catholic – confirmed.

Is that all you’ve got?

With time running out, the left is now attempting to portray Barrett as being subservient to a patriarchal system, with The Washington Post highlighting that the aspiring justice is referred to as a “handmaid” in her Christian faith group, People of Praise – a story that has been rehashed by the leftist daily.

This comes after Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) attack on Barrett, insisting that her religious “dogma” will skew her objectivity on the bench.

For your information …

However, it is argued that after any kind of objective inquiry is made on WaPo’s “handmaid” story, critics will find that the title has little to do with submission to a male-dominated system – as the left errantly suggests.

“Perhaps this is news to media organizations, but the handmaid concept applies to all Christians – not just the women,” Hotair explained. “We are all called to emulate Mary in her submission to the will of God, so that His work can be accomplished through us.”

This is clearly seen in Luke 1:38: “And Mary said, ‘Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; May it be done to me according to your word.’ Then the angel departed from her,” as translated in the New American Bible (Revised Edition).

Rich Lowry of National Review points this out, as well.

“All due respect to author Margaret Atwood and The Handmaid’s Tale, but Christians and Catholics have a very different view of the term ‘handmaid’ – one that apparently even escapes the WaPo’s religion reporters,” Lowry noted. “It’s modeled on Mary – not on her marriage to Joseph, but on her submission to the Lord. It comes straight out of Luke’s Gospel, in the very first chapter.”

This was also impressed by legal expert and conservative writer David French.

“The name comes from the Bible – not from Margaret Atwood,” French tweeted Wednesday. “It was never remotely controversial until that novel. Read Luke 1 for context, King James Version.”

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) sarcastically addressed the issue, as well.

“Catholic believes Catholic stuff – story at eleven,” Sasse recently quipped, according to Hotair. “This conspiracy theory that a brilliant jurist and an accomplished lawyer is secretly a subservient woman controlled by her husband’s ‘shadowy organization’ isn’t just stupid – it’s bigoted and sexist.”

He had more to say about the ridiculous nature of WaPo’s “gotcha” story.

“Newsflash: Catholics hang out with other Catholics,” Sasse told The Daily Caller in an interview. “There’s nothing nefarious about this.”

If Dems fail to trash Barrett, then what?

Democratic leaders have already revealed a few cards from their sleeve that they will play if and when Barrett is confirmed to the Supreme Court.

“[A]s Democrats’ bad-faith, straw-grasping demands for delays fall on deaf ears, the Biden campaign continues to conspicuously duck questions about potential court-packing under a hypothetical era of unified Democratic control,” Townhall reported. “Biden gave a major speech in Gettysburg underscoring the importance of unity and  bipartisanship as touchstones of his would-be presidency, leading a number of observers to note that these were not the sentiments of a man interested in ending the filibuster and blowing up institutions.”

Many critics anticipate Biden posturing as being moderate before letting the far-left dictate his agenda – if elected in November.

“Biden’s personal instincts may not matter much if he knuckles under to harder-left elements after he wins, which is the whole thrust of the ‘trojan horse’ theory: Make nice, moderate sounds, get elected, then allow hardcore ideologues to set the agenda,” Townhall added. “Biden could go a long way to dispel those fears by unequivocally rejecting court-packing (and other potential power-grabs), but he’s bending over backward not to do so. His running mate doubled down with weak (and dishonest) evasions again [during the first vice-presidential debate Wednesday].”


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