Despite the numerous jihadist attacks on American soil and all around the globe over the past decade or two, liberals continue to give militant Muslims a free pass – consistently excusing massacres as isolated events or as incidents having nothing to do with Islam … even when the assailants scream “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is greater) during their killing sprees.

Many are asking how the Left can justify looking past fundamentalist Islam as the problem – as former President Barack Obama has done over his two terms – and not address the Middle Eastern religion as a breeding ground for global terrorism.

“But even after Fort Hood, Boston, Paris, Garland, Chattanooga, San Bernardino and Orlando – to name a few attacks – some liberals clearly don’t feel that way,” The Blaze reported. “Indeed, a new CBS poll indicates that 66 percent of Democrats believe Islam is no different from other religions when it comes to encouraging violence.”

Hollywood loves violence

With the far-Left in Hollywood continuing their barrage of attacks on President Donald Trump for doing what Obama has refused to do for eight years – identify militant Islamists as the enemy – the entertainment industry’s bleeding-heart defense of jihad has been questioned.

“Who can forget Left-wing actor Ben Affleck’s infamous appearance on Real Time, when he became incensed at host Bill Maher and atheist icon Sam Harris for daring to say Islam’s general reluctance to call out and combat radical elements is a problem?” The Blaze’s Dave Urbansky asked. “Affleck referred to that conclusion as ‘racist’ and ‘gross.’”

Unlike most liberals in the media, Maher has been vocal in his condemnation of the militant side of Islam.

“[Islam is] the only religion that acts like the mafia – that will [expletive] kill you if you say the wrong thing, paint the wrong picture or write the wrong book,” Maher insisted.

Another ultra-Leftist entertainer, Rosie O’Donnell, has vehemently come to Islam’s – and Affleck’s – defense, giving the actor accolades for standing up for militant Muslims. Her pro-Muslim, anti-Christian sentiment was previously revealed when she asserted that Christians have a waged a jihad of their own.

“[R]adical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam,” O’Donnell proclaimed on The View – a comment that drew applause for the audience.

In response to O’Donnell’s unsubstantiated assertion, the liberal icon Joy Behar sought to put the openly lesbian comedian in her place by stating the obvious.

“Christians are not threatening to kill us,” Behar insisted.

But much of Hollywood is said to be merely reflecting Obama’s pro-Islam leaning, which has been seen through his reluctance to place the terms “radical” and “Islam” together in the same sentence – a blatant refusal that has given the former president a reputation for having a pro-Islam bias … while rarely missing the opportunity to own condemn Christianity.

This bias was demonstrated last summer when the former commander-in-chief addressed his refusal to use the term “radical Islam” in the wake of the Orlando “gay” nightclub attack waged by an Islamic terrorist, insisting that uttering that term will not change anything.

“What exactly would using this label accomplish?” Obama posed. “What exactly would it change? Would it make ISIL less committed to trying to kill Americans? Would it bring in more allies? Is there a military strategy that is served by this? The answer is none of the above. Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away.”

Obama’s pro-Muslim foreign policy has been rejected by Trump, who stressed that “radical Islamic terrorism” was the problem during his inauguration speech – a threat that he vowed put to an end.

What will change the Left’s mind?

When asked if it will take another 9/11 attack – or worse – to get liberals to recognize Islam as a threat so they will no longer deny the religion’s call to wage jihad on infidels [who do not submit to Allah], Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer contended that progressives will most likely continue to ignore the religion’s violence so that it will become normalized and tolerated the same way Leftists look past other sinful behavior.

The expert on Islam mentioned how the Women’s March in the nation’s capital – that took place the day after Trump’s inauguration – featured a “Palestinian Muslim American,” Linda Sarsour, as a speaker. The far-Leftist  organizer of the march has previously been criticized for her threatening words that she directed at Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali a number of years ago.

“Ms. Sarsour is not interested in universal human rights – she’s a defender of Sharia law,” Ali expressed to the New York Times. “There’s no principle that demeans, degrades and dehumanizes women more than the principal of Sharia law.”

Spencer is amazed that the Left relentlessly defends Islam – even though it flies in the face of all the very civil rights they claim to champion.

“[Liberals continue their] glamorization and glorification of Sarsour — [as well as their] vilification of anyone who points out her ties to Hamas, vicious hatred of Israel … even in publications such as Elle,” Spencer shared with The Blaze. “[Other normalization examples include the] the proliferation of World Hijab Day events – which ignore the many women who have been brutalized or even killed for not wearing the hijab – and the spread among Western Leftist feminists of the idea that the hijab and Sharia restrictions on women’s rights are a beautiful sign of cultural diversity, to be celebrated rather than condemned.”

Spencer claimed that the Left’s “hatred for Judeo-Christian civilization” drives its bias against Christianity and Judaism – and its embrace of Islam.

“Furthermore, radical Islam’s goal of bringing down ‘the West’ taps into a kind of liberal self-loathing that wouldn’t mind seeing America brought low, given it’s viewed by some liberals ‘the source of all the evil in the world,’” Urbanski explained. “Another tool the Left tends to use – and Affleck’s Real Time appearance spells it out – is the characterization of Islam criticism as ‘racism,’ despite the fact that Islam isn’t a race.”

In fact, the race card – even though it should not technically be in Leftists’ hand in the first place – is about the only hand liberals can play when defending militant Muslim behavior.

“Racism is our national trauma,” Spencer argued. “The endeavor to portray Muslims as ‘brown’ and foes of jihad terror as disliking them solely for racial reasons is a cynical and dishonest enterprise that has the effect of intimidating people into being afraid to oppose jihad terror. Of course, many Leftists are so poorly educated and unable to think critically that they no doubt believe all that.”

The head of the watchdog organization said that Leftists might wake up and smell the danger of Islam if another 9/11-sized attack were waged on America.

“[W]ith every jihad attack, some people wake up,” Spencer continued. “[But the] Leftist intelligentsia knows that, [which poses an issue, since] after every attack, there is a strenuous effort to exonerate Islam from any responsibility for it.”


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