It’s now come to light that the just-fired second in command at the FBI was running a covert investigation of the attorney general of the United States.

ABC News reported this week that the Bureau’s deputy director, Andrew McCabe, launched a criminal investigation last year into his boss at the Department of Justice. According to the report, McCabe began the investigation at the behest of two high-profile Democratic senators (Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Al Franken of Minnesota), who commissioned what Gary Bauer of Campaign for Working Families calls a fishing expedition into “all contacts” Sessions may have had with Russians.

“This smacks of exactly what many of us have thought all along,” Bauer tells OneNewsNow. “That there was an ongoing plot – [and] there continues to be an ongoing effort – deep in a number of our intelligence agencies to paralyze the Trump administration, destroy people who are part of the administration, and essentially reverse the results of the 2016 presidential election.”

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Bauer says the investigation, which was closed down before Sessions was even aware of it, was intended to throw a smokescreen around the misdeeds of President Obama’s Justice Department. Now, he argues, the public has a chance to know the truth.

“We are still uncovering all the inappropriate things that happened during the Obama years,” notes Bauer. “I believe there are more crimes that will be discovered along with public policy failures. And I think they desperately want to prevent the Trump administration from finding those things and bringing people to justice.”

He says it’s another case of the “Deep State” embedded in the federal government that opposes anything conservative. “There is such a hatred across the board on the left for anybody and anything that is conservative, believes in family, faith, and freedom,” he laments. “I think a good bit of this is motivated by that hatred.”

All of which, he concludes, is “a very clear, disturbing reminder” of what those who are embedded in the federal government are willing to do in order to defeat conservatism.


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