When America and the world were initially blindsided by the onset of the Wuhan virus, it was difficult even for sincere public officials to know exactly how to best respond, especially in very the early stages. Not surprisingly, leftist globalist power mongers were quick to seize the moment, fanning flames of fear and maximizing hardship and even death from the virus. Doing so created the chaos and instability which have always been essential to advancing the leftist agenda, going all the way back to its founding by Karl Marx.

So much of the upheaval seemed absolutely surreal, with daily briefings warning of mortality rates not seen since the Great Plague of the Fourteenth Century. Lockdowns and the trashing of basic human rights to an extent that was previously unfathomable, were suddenly normalized, even in America. Meanwhile, on one occasion after another, elite members of the “Ruling Class,” from the triumvirate of Democrat/Despot governors (Inslee, Whitmer, and Newsom), to Pelosi the Pius, right up to Emperor Fauci himself, were all routinely caught on camera totally ignoring any mask or distancing mandates they had loudly and righteously demanded for the lowly peasantry. Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo exceeded them all, by deliberately placing infected patients into nursing homes, where they could infect society’s most vulnerable senior citizens, who died by the thousands.

It soon became clear that despite any realities of the disease, America was in the midst of a horrendous leftist power grab, culminating in the stolen Presidential Election of November 2020. But the devastation didn’t stop there. In fact it was only beginning. During the past year since the Biden Cabal wormed its way illegitimately into power, America’s energy industry has been methodically ravaged, its monetary supply dangerously and purposely diluted, and its foreign policy shattered to the point that no allied nation can have any confidence in the once invaluable element of American support. Again, all of this was done on purpose.

Suddenly, as if on cue, the entire world changed its focus, and fixated on Russian troops massing at the border of Ukraine, which quickly escalated into full-scale invasion. Fears of the onset of “World War III” and even nuclear war are openly voiced, with great alarm from every media outlet, and among politicians throughout the world. The situation is indeed dire, with enormous devastation and loss of life among Ukrainian civilians as Russia’s military continues its onslaught. Great credit needs to be given to the heroism and compassion of humanitarian organizations who are aiding refugees seeking to escape the maelstrom of war.

Still, while the war is real, and the suffering intense, something in this situation is amiss, and remains unanswered. The forces aligning against Putin are far too “unified” in their supposed purpose, while their other dubious and well-known allegiances and alignments remain cause for deep concern. Every shady character from the nightly Fake News crowd, to those Hollywood bubbleheads, to the Washington Swamp, to the Euro-socialists, and even George Soros, are suddenly speaking with one voice against the oppressiveness of Russia, and the inalienable human rights of Ukrainian people to be sovereign over their nation, and secure within their borders.

Those who castigate Americans as “White Nationalists” for wanting to secure our own southern border, who decried the people of this Nation as inhumane and murderous for refusing to be forced into taking the vax, and who insisted on our blind and dumb submission to iron fisted assertions of power over us, suddenly burst their hearts in sympathy and compassion over the plight of Ukrainians. Their tears are wholly insincere and agenda driven. It is imperative that we sort through all of this, and determine what is actually going on, and who is behind all of it.

Admittedly, Vladimir Putin is no benevolent leader. As a former KGB agent, he not only never renounced the abuses of that organization, he has plainly employed KGB tactics when dealing with opponents. And while Russia no longer suffers from the nightmarish degree of oppression of the Soviet era, it is hardly a bastion of freedom and human dignity. It still maintains an inescapable presence of the all-powerful “state” everywhere within its borders. Justice is arbitrary, information is highly censored, and protests are dealt with harshly, just like Australia, the EU, Canada, and the United States. In recent years, and particularly since the advent of the “Pandemic” scam in 2020, such detestable measures have spread throughout the “free” world even faster than the virus.

So what’s really going on with Ukraine, and why is everyone jumping on board and grandstanding so shamelessly? For starters, the positions and players have changed so drastically that a return to a “Cold War” philosophy with a focus on Russia, completely sidesteps the much larger and more insidious enemy within our midst. The leftists/globalists who permeate “Western” governments with their collectivism and crazed government overreach, are certainly not going to be hindered by the defeat of Russia’s expansionist dreams.

Soviet Communism faced a brutal uphill struggle during the Cold War, since free and open countries always stood as reminders of its inevitable failure at providing the “workers paradise” its proponents promised. Yet in the current scheme of the leftists/globalists, collectivism can potentially be implemented on a unilateral basis across vast stretches of the globe, with no lingering islands of sanity and freedom to highlight its grave consequences.

Something very sinister lurks in our midst, which is the concept of “asymmetrical warfare.” It has been taken to new heights in the Twenty First Century. Far too many people still expect modern war to be conducted in some form similar to how it was historically executed. But even the nation state itself is being supplanted by insidious alternatives. Power can be wielded through many differing avenues, including giant financial interests, who can inflict much harm and suffering via the pocketbook. America’s horrendous inflation and economic upheaval are but the beginning pangs of all this.

Keep a close eye on such demonic organizations as the “World Economic Forum.” In the big scheme, their power grubbing agenda will prove to be the cohesive force of oppression and control that dictates world events, unless it is fully unmasked and forcibly confronted.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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