After Wednesday night’s partisan vote to impeach President Donald Trump on “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress” charges, British television host Piers Morgan ridiculed “never-Trumpers” for celebrating an action that’s actually helping Trump’s reelection in 2020.

Morgan started out by bringing up a tweet posted by Washington Post reporter Rachael Bade, who wrote, “Merry Impeachmas from the WAPO team!” next to a photo of her partying with coworkers – mostly CNN analysts – before deleting the tweet and complaining it was “being misinterpreted by some as an endorsement of some kind.”

Nancy not fooling anyone

In a piece he wrote for a British daily, Morgan lit into leftists for naïvely rejoicing over House Democrats’ impeachment votes against the president. He accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for feigning a pious remorse for impeaching the president “before she frantically silenced [House Dems from rejoicing] like a crazed kindergarten teacher.”

“What will surely come to pass is that after being cleared by a Senate trial in 2020, Trump will be cleared of wrongdoing … and … go on … victory laps,” Morgan assured. “The truth is that she and her party have been plotting this since Trump set foot in the White House.”

He argued Democrats are simply in desperation mode.

“They couldn’t beat him at the ballot box in 2016 and fear they won’t be able to beat him at the ballot box in 2020, so they’ve concluded impeachment may be their only route to stop him,” the British journalist surmised. “Yet as I have repeatedly said, it is an act of extraordinary stupidity and self-harm.”

He described Wednesday’s vote and announcement as “one of the most pointless, farcical days in the history of America’s Congress.”

“They raged, they sighed, they rolled their eyes, they wiped away fake tears, they invoked every great American historical figure they could think of, they told their personal stories of family courage, and so they banged on, sucking the very life out of the holiday season with every indignant self-aggrandizing breath,” he stated.

Morgan also pointed out how Democrats are the only ones enjoying the impeachment process, which he said will only end up making America look foolish and vindicating Trump.

“Their supposed victim was at a rally chuckling to his base: ‘This doesn’t feel like an impeachment to me, does it to you?'” Morgan quoted the president before deriding the proceedings as a “pathetic joke at America’s expense.”

Outcome outlook

Morgan then proceeded to predict the outcome. “Let’s be absolutely clear: Trump’s not going to be convicted,” he assured his readers. “He’s going to be comfortably acquitted in any trial by a Republican-dominated Senate – [a]nd that’s assuming the impeachment even reaches the Senate.”

He then chided celebrities on the left for sharing their glee over what they mistakenly considered a win over Trump.

Cher was among those reveling in Trump’s impeachment, saying nothing about his alleged crime while acting as if his policy on getting America back to work and off welfare was worthy of impeachment.

“Impeached President Donald Trump, makes rich richer, poor poorer, & will purge millions of Democrats off voting rolls … proposed food stamp changes … 3.7 million Americans could lose their SNAP benefits next year,” Cher tweeted Wednesday.

Ultra-left pro-abortion actress Alyssa Milano also took to social media to try and take a shot at the president.

“I expected this moment, but I expected to be more joyful – maybe jump up & do a happy dance … but I’m just sad and heartbroken,” Milano tweeted Wednesday. “What he’s left behind can’t be erased with this vote. The bigotry and xenophobia he’s emboldened. The lies. It will take generations to recover.”

Anti-Semitic and pro-Islam Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) – now famous for her phrase, “Impeach the [expletive]” – gloated about going to cast her vote against Trump.

“On her way to vote ‘yes’ on two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, far-left Tlaib posted a video of herself on social media celebrating her affirmative vote and the impending impeachment,” the Daily Wire reported, noting that in addition, House Democrats drank and cheered at a fancy restaurant in Washington, DC, after the vote.

The first-term congresswoman and member of “The Squad” appeared giddy with a smile from cheek to cheek while being recorded. “Hi, everyone! I’m on my way to the United States House floor to impeach President Trump on behalf of my incredible district, #13DistrictStrong,” Tlaib narrated Wednesday night on her Instagram video.

Morgan didn’t understand how liberals – he labeled them “clueless clowns” – could continue to deceive themselves and celebrate.

“Are you just too dumb to see what’s actually happening here?” he questioned. “Do you not understand it all ends in a big loss for Trump-haters and a big win for Trump?”

He stressed how the Senate trial will only result in Trump being absolved – before America celebrates his economic feats.

“His base will fire up even more than they already are, the Democrat base will fire down in abject dismay, and all the momentum for the 2020 Election will swing behind the president,” Morgan predicted.

“If the U.S. economy continues to roar in the way it’s currently doing, with stock markets hitting record highs and unemployment numbers hitting record lows, then Trump will storm towards another win next November like an unstoppable King Kong.”


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