A pioneer in the tea party movement is calling the Left to task for trying to compare tea partiers to the so-called “Resistance” movement.

“Every time there’s any kind of uprising on the Left, they call it the new tea party,” observes Mark Meckler, who co-founded the Tea Party Patriots that boasted millions of members across the country.

The left-wing version, Meckler says, began with the “Occupy” movement in which far-left groups supposedly opposed Wall Street. The newest movement is Black Lives Matter, which he calls a “criminal enterprise” opposed to law and order.

OneNewsNow has reported on a movement in California to secede from the United States, when conservatives in North California have demanded their own state for years due to the liberal-led state government in Sacramento.

Last summer, it was Texas officials who were vowing to leave the Union, citing the power and bureaucracy of the federal government.

MSNBC, the left-wing news network, suggested in a Feb. 25 story that liberals yelling at GOP congressmen at townhall meetings mirrors similar anger and frustration voiced by tea partiers.

MSNBC was claiming in 2009 that tea partiers were exhibiting “racial overtones” against Barack Obama (see video below) because he’s black, predicting that a right-winger would attempt to attack the president due to that anger and hatred.

But media watchdog Newsbusters noticed that MSNBC footage of a tea party man carrying an AR-15 rifle at a rally was carefully edited – because the man is black.

The newest “Resistance” movement is based on anarchy with the goal of shutting down opposition, including opposing views in culture and politics.

“This is a fake movement,” Meckler serves of the “Resistance” movement. “It’s everything they accuse the tea party movement of being.”

The vast majority of Americans, he adds, are not in favor of violence in the streets.


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