Congressman accuses Biden administration of obstructing investigation into president’s son and brother

Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, and the president’s brother, Jim Biden, have 150 Suspicious Activity Reports filed against them, according to Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

Only two of the reports are public, Jordan said in an interview that aired on Newsmakers by NTD and The Epoch Times on Dec. 7.

While most Americans have never heard the term “Suspicious Activity Report” it often involves an investigation into fraud or money laundering.

A Suspicious Activity Report is filed by a financial institution—such as a bank—with the U.S. Treasury Department and it is the result of the institution noticing money moving from person to person or account to account abnormally.

According to Jordan, the Biden administration—via the Treasury Department—has refused to comply with requests to access the reports. But when Republicans take back control of the U.S. House on Jan. 3, Jordan said they’ll be able to override that obstruction.

For the past four years, Democrats have controlled the U.S. House and have launched investigations into past President Donald Trump and his allies. But Jordan said they’ve also used their leadership positions to block investigations into President Biden and his circle of associates.

For example, Jordan alleged, the Justice Department hasn’t treated people equally under the law. And the Treasury Department has refused to comply with Republican Oversight Committee requests.

“The Biden administration likes to talk about misinformation, disinformation when, in fact, they’re the biggest purveyors of providing false information to the American people,” Jordan alleged in the interview.

“[There’s a] politicization of the Justice Department, based on the fact that we’ve had 14 agents come to us as whistleblowers.”

In each of the above situations, truth and investigations were suppressed, Jordan claimed, because Democrats controlled House Committees and could limit Republicans’ actions. But because Republicans gained command of the House following the midterm elections, they’re in charge of selecting new committee chairs and the shackles will be off, he said.

Importantly, Republicans elected Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) as the Oversight Committee Chairman. And starting in January 2023, Jordan said, Comer has indicated he wants to get to the bottom of the 150 Suspicious Activity Reports.

Reports ‘Obstructed’

According to Jordan, most Americans will never receive a Suspicious Activity Report. But Hunter Biden and Jim Biden received 150.

About the reports, Jordan said, “These are actual reports that financial institutions file with the Treasury Department when they see suspicious activity. Typically, it’s money laundering type of activity.

“Most Americans don’t get these. Or if they do, there’s a good reason for it. But there’s 150 of them on Hunter Biden and Jim Biden, the president’s brother, and so I mean that, to me, is a big concern.”

Further, Jordan claimed, he and Comer should have access to the reports as Ranking Members of the Judiciary Committee and Oversight Committees. But, when they requested access, the Biden administration blocked it.

“It used to be, before the Biden administration, if the committee wanted to see that information, whether it was Democrats on the committee or Republicans on the committee, they can have access to it,” Jordan said.

“The Biden administration hasn’t complied with any of the correspondence, any of the letters and requests that came from Ranking Member Comer.

“They’ve changed the policy on Suspicious Activity Reports for the ability of committees to review that information,” he alleged.

Of additional concern, Jordan said, is the Democrats’ normalization of attacking anyone who investigates President Biden and his associates. “The Democrats have set up this group to go after anyone who investigates the Biden administration. That all kind of looks suspicious in and of itself.”

Jordan added that with Republicans gaining control, they’d be able to take additional steps not open to them under Democrat rule. For example, Jordan stated, “Maybe we’re going to have to go to the banks to get that information, and not through the Treasury Department.”

As part of its reporting, The Epoch Times contacted the White House and asked if President Biden wanted to comment on Jordan’s allegations of obstructing the 148 reports.

The White House didn’t reply by the time of publication.

However, the president has repeatedly defended his son in the media.

The president has also maintained that he wasn’t involved in his son’s business dealings.

At a White House press conference, and in reply to a question regarding possible Republican investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, President Biden stated, “I think the American people will look at all of that for what it is.  It’s just almost comedy.”

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