sotloff2Less than a week after Barack Obama admitted that he and his administration “don’t have a strategy yet,” another American was beheaded by the terrorist group that is making its way across the Middle East. Following the horrible act, Obama’s spokesman said that the White House had been “monitoring” the situation.

As reported by Fox News, kidnapped American reporter Steven Sotloff was killed, and a video was distributed by the Islamic State terrorist group which showed the inhuman act. Sotloff was made to address the camera and speak out against America’s policies, calling out Obama directly. He was then beheaded. This is the second American killed in such a manner in recent weeks, and it underscores that Obama has absolutely no plan to address Islamic terrorism. He can’t even call it terrorism!

Since that report was made, officials have confirmed that the video is real. In a joint press conference on his foreign trip, Obama called the murder a “horrific act of violence.”

Obama paid tribute to Sotloff during a joint press conference with Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, calling Sotloff a “devoted and courageous journalist” and describing his death as a “horrific act of violence.” Referring to Sotloff’s family, Obama said, “Today, our country grieves with them.”

Obama still did not give a timeline for deciding on a strategy to go after the extremist group’s operations in Syria. “It’ll take time to roll them back,” he said, before vowing that the U.S. would not forget the “terrible crime against these two fine young men,” adding “our reach is long and justice will be served.”

Yes, it was a horrific act of violence. It was also a terrorist act perpetrated by Islamic radicals who want to destroy America. And yet, Obama has no plan and has admitted as much. As reported by the Associated Press, Obama said on Thursday that “we don’t have a strategy yet” for degrading the violent militant group seeking to establish a caliphate in the Middle East.

“They have no ideology beyond violence and chaos and the slaughter of innocent people,” Obama said, alluding to the group’s announcement last week that it had killed American journalist James Foley. The militants also have threatened to kill other U.S. hostages.

I don’t know what’s more disturbing…. the president of the United States saying that he doesn’t have a plan or the fact that he said this group has “no ideology beyond violence and chaos and the slaughter of innocent people.” Are you kidding me? This group is DRIVEN by ideology. They exist because of an ideology. They act because of an ideology! What is going on with Obama when it comes to dealing with Islamic terrorists?

Obama may not have a plan or a strategy or even an unwillingness to call them out for what they are (Islamic terrorists), but he sure has known about the threat, and he’s known for a long time. A report in The Daily Beast recounts a request by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki almost a year ago in which he pressed Obama for help against the terrorist group ISIS.

Twelve days later, Brett McGurk, a deputy assistant secretary of state and the Obama administration’s senior U.S. official in Baghdad since the crisis began last month, presented to Congress a similarly dark warning. ISIS was launching upwards of 40 suicide bombers a month, he said, encouraged in part by the weakness of Maliki’s military and the aggressively anti-Sunni policies of the Shi’ite prime minister. It was the kind of ominous report that American intelligence agencies had been delivering privately for months. McGurk added that ISIS had “benefited from a permissive operating environment due to inherent weaknesses of Iraqi security forces, poor operational tactics, and popular grievances, which remain unaddressed, among the population in Anbar and Nineweh provinces.”

Maliki’s requests were rebuffed; McGurk’s warnings went largely unheeded. The problem for Obama was that he had no good policy option in Iraq.

This group is on a killing spree, and its victims are Christians and anyone who will not follow their teachings. And they are focused on America. The Independent reports on statements made by House and Senate leaders who are urging Obama to act.

The leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives intelligence committees … shared a dire warning against Isis, which now has control of vast swathes of Syria and Iraq, has killed civilians from that region and beheaded American journalist James Foley.

“This is a group of people who are extraordinarily dangerous,” said Senator Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who leads the upper house intelligence panel. “And they’ll kill with abandon.”

In a separate TV interview, Mike Rogers, leader of the House Intelligence Committee warned that leaders of Isis are looking for a spectacular attack that would help them raise money and recruit more fighters.

“Isis would like to have a Western-style attack to continue this notion that they are the leading jihadist group in the world,” said Republican Mr Rogers.

This is what happens when we turn a blind eye to the most serious threat facing the world today. Obama can disengage all he wants. He can be PC and not call it Islamic terrorism when it is. He can turn a blind eye. But it doesn’t matter. They DO have an ideology, and they will keep coming after us. So, Mr. Obama… do you have a strategy yet?

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