Before fatally slashing an elderly priest’s throat and using a nun as a human shield, in Normandy, France, one of the two ISIS terrorists conducting the attack bragged about his premeditated murder to approximately 200 people via an app.

Less than one week before the jihadist attack, ISIS allegiant Adel Kermiche recorded audio files on the Telegram — an encrypted communications app — that was disseminated to hundreds in a private group. A source close to the ongoing investigation verified the authenticity of the audio files that were obtained by the French magazine L’Express.

In a desperate attempt to prove his commitment to jihad, the 19-year-old Kermiche boasted about his plans to fatally stab infidels in the Catholic church on the western coast of France.

“I will enter a church, take a knife and make a carnage,” the jihadist vowed, as revealed in a published translation of the audio recording.

According to the French publication’s source, investigators discovered the audio messages after the attack.

Sinister jihadist attack

After Kermiche and his fellow-jihadist, Abdel Malik, entered the Normandy church, they forced an 85-year-old priest down on his knees before filming themselves slashing his throat.

The elderly clergy member was not the only victim in the attack, as one churchgoer suffered severe injuries at the hands of the ISIS terrorists.

Kermiche and Malik attempted to escape the crime scene by using nuns as human shields to evade being shot by police officers arriving at the scene.

The 19-year-old jihadist attempted to incite other Islamic militants to kill infidels where they live.

“In one message, Kermiche, who attempted twice to travel to Syria to join ISIS, tells the other group members that it’s easier to carry out a terror operation in your home country,” Fox News reports.

His message to other militants was simple, yet horrific.

“You slice two or three heads, and it’s good, it’s over,” Kermiche advised fellow terrorists.

Islamic propaganda

In Kermiche’s messages, he indicated that an Islamic religious leader, known as a sheikh or “spiritual guide,” inspired his devotion to carry out jihad. He said he met the Muslim cleric while serving prison time in Fleury-Merogis for being caught during one of his unauthorized border crossing attempts to join the ISIS terrorist group.

“[I became committed to ISIS] in prison with my sheikh,” the young militant Muslim shared with his app audience. “He gave me ideas.”

In order to prove himself to other jihadists and gain respect from “other brothers” who teased him for having a “commitment from a sofa,” Kermiche communicated his perpetrated attack one day before carrying it out. He promised his app followers to stay tuned because “big stuff” is ahead.

“I warn you in advance, three, four minutes,” Kermiche notified his audience. “[A]nd when the thing comes, it will share the line.”

By “the line,” the 19-year-old terrorist referred to “a picture or video.”

He went on to incite his followers to share the upcoming images of his predicted carnage, promising that those who do “will be rewarded” by Allah — the God of Islam.

Kermiche’s last request to “share what follows” was sent to his app audience about one hour before he arrived inside the church. Because he did not survive his escape, the jihadist was unable to post follow-up images of the attack.


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