High voter turnout in Georgia Senate runoffs may delay final count, vote tallies may shift say experts.

It could be the November election all over again in Georgia, as the state on Tuesday holds twin Senate runoff elections that will determine if the Republicans keep their majority in the chamber or if the Democrats control both houses of Congress as well as the White House.

Two months after the presidential election results in Georgia and a handful of other key battleground states went into overtime, with the races not called in some cases until four days after Election Day, there’s a good chance it could happen again in the runoff contests.

“We can expect a very, very, close election,” veteran Georgia based GOP consultant Chip Lake told Fox News. “An election that might be so close that we might not know who won these races on Tuesday night. It could be a few days after that until all the votes are counted.”
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When will we know the winners?

If November is any indication, it could be days before the winners are known. COVID-19 has led to an astronomical surge in absentee ballots, which take longer to count. About 1.37 million absentee ballots were requested and 70.3% were returned. The ballots can be processed ahead of time — removed from envelopes and prepared — but can’t be tallied until Election Day.

When will the election be certified?

Georgia counties will have until Jan. 15 to certify results. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, has until Jan. 22 to certify statewide results. But there could be court fights or moves by officials across Georgia’s 159 counties that draw the races out to the buzzer.
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