It is a question that has probably entered the minds of millions of Americans as they watch their country disappear: is Joe Biden the worst president in U.S. history?

Many presidents have been called the worst. They were judged in their respective eras for falling short of any objective, for failing as leaders or because their policies seemed out of sync with what the nation really needed. Ulysses S. Grant was often considered a great general but the worst president because of the corruption that pervaded his administration but he is increasingly viewed as a rational man who governed in irrational times and cited for his courageous attempts to enforce civil rights during the Reconstruction Era.

Herbert Hoover won a landslide in 1928 but by the time he was replaced by Franklin Roosevelt four years later was blamed for the Great Depression and was held in contempt by hungry, unemployed Americans. Hoover may never make a list of the ten greatest presidents but he was more a victim of history than his own incompetence.

Richard Nixon, the only president to resign, was almost as vilified as Adolf Hitler by the time he left office. Today, Nixon is remembered for both Watergate and his seminal foreign policy objectives.

Jimmy Carter seemed like the worst president after Ronald Reagan rescued America from his dismal administration of defeat and decrepitude. But historians are beginning to view Carter in a different light – though I’m not prepared to do so.

Some even thought that George W. Bush was the worst for presiding over the market crash that devastated an economy already crippled after 9/11. But it’s his decisive actions immediately after that terrorist attack that now seem to define his presidency.

But Biden’s comments on Tuesday, further revealing his hidden agenda to push through the Green New Deal via the back door, might be the last piece of evidence we need to determine that the president is willfully taking the nation down a dark and destructive path and that he is a desperately dishonest man who is unambiguously incapable of leveling with the American people or being anything like a leader.

“Here’s the situation. And when it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over,” Biden said – this time not only evading responsibility for the escalating prices of gas and Diesel but actually telling us to love it! This just doesn’t get more bizarre.

Does Biden even know what he’s saying here? How are we going to be “less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over?” Biden’s argument is essentially the same as those who say a carbon tax will force consumers to use less gas. No, they will continue to buy gas but they will be paying more for it. Making fossil fuels extravagantly expensive does not usher in the Green New Deal; it merely impoverishes all Americans.

And why does Biden think this will be over anytime soon? There is absolutely no indication that “happy days are here again” even if Biden claims he lived through the implementation of the New Deal. We are headed for massive food shortages that could well provoke riots in the streets if the price of gas doesn’t cause that first.

And how does Biden think America is going to fly without fossil fuels? Where are the electric aircraft and does Biden have a clue how many everyday materials contain oil?

Even as it becomes impossible to buy baby formula, this is no big deal for Biden: Americans should have more abortions! At least there is a sick Malthusian logic to that but there is no logic to virtually anything that Biden has done since becoming president.

It is probably safe to say that no American president has done so many different things badly at the same time and seemed so utterly unconcerned about the consequences of his actions or even willingness to take responsibility for the consequences of his actions.

Biden was determined to sabotage American energy independence from Day 1 of his presidency as he sealed the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline with an executive order that was not just ill-considered but ultimately emblematic of his administration’s desire to sabotage the energy sector. It is safe to say that absolutely no one has benefited from that decision except some cloistered environmental activists who really believe it would be better to live in caves than in an industrialized society that offers heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

Even as Biden tells Europe to stop buying Russian oil, he refuses to increase the capacity of American oil. Is this insane or does he simply not understand supply and demand? Why doesn’t Biden want America to have energy independence? There can be only two reasons: because it slackens the transition from fossil fuels to the Green New Deal era and energy independence was a creation of the former President Donald Trump administration.

Biden is the only president in American history who has allowed the United States to be invaded without firing a shot in protest. While your president can’t stop spending money on armaments for Ukraine he has done absolutely nothing to protect the southern border that is wide open to anyone who wants to walk across it: illegal immigrants, human smugglers, drug cartels and terrorists. Biden not only created this problem by inviting the illegals to come on over, he has actually flown the migrants across America, as if nobody will notice.

Biden has created the inflation that threatens to either become hyperinflation or the stagflation that characterized the 1970s – the decade when Biden made the fateful decision to enter politics and eventually jeopardize America’s economy and security. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic ending and businesses opening up, Biden insisted on infusing trillions of dollars into an overheated economy. He refuses to recognize the error of that spending and wants more of it. The president has barely noticed inflation as an issue for Americans and when he does, he merely passes the burden of responsibility to Russian President Vladimir Putin whom he blames for those high prices at the pump and the supermarket.

If it isn’t sufficiently painful to be paying the highest gas prices in history, the Biden administration has presided over one of the worst crime spikes in American history. It is interesting that Biden does not take note of the weekly homicides in Chicago or the carjackings in New York City. He will only note a crime when it has some political significance for him or the Democratic Party.

Tuesday’s Texas shooting was abhorrent but Biden did not address the event to empathize with those mourning the deaths of their children; he exploited this shooting to rant about gun control. Biden did the same after the deaths of 10 black people in Buffalo. He again used other people’s pain to lecture Americans on white supremacy. He has repeatedly – without any evidence or foundation – declared white supremacy to be the “most lethal” threat in America today.

Biden lacks any empathy. He bristles at any criticism. Perhaps this is characteristic of most lifetime politicians. But Biden refuses to ever be wrong despite the evidence to the contrary that is staring him in the face. It’s always “Hey man …” when he gets called out on any issue.

He was elected – sort of – on a platform of national unity and little else and he hasn’t even done that. But he has achieved the complete opposite. His administration has targeted the Jan. 6 mob as serious insurrectionists and locked them up as political prisoners. The Biden regime has focused its anger on parents who don’t want their kids being taught Critical Race Theory or gender identity nonsense. He considers anyone who voted for former President Donald Trump to be a political enemy or a domestic terrorist and only recently declared the MAGA movement to be the most dangerous political phenomenon in recent history.

On foreign affairs, Biden has been a catastrophic failure. He literally watched the Taliban encircle Afghanistan after declaring there was no danger of that happening. Then he left this terrorist mob with billions of dollars of the best weaponry that money can buy so that it would be virtually impossible to depose their bloody, cannibalistic regime.

In Ukraine, he is sleep walking towards a nuclear confrontation with Russia – every day getting closer to trading blows and yet he has utterly been incapable of defining American interests in the region or for that matter explaining why every country in Europe and perhaps beyond should be a member of NATO. It is not even clear anymore why that once-great, paragon of collective defense is still operating. The risk of global war increases with every member that is admitted to NATO because the United States is then committed to defending more territory from any military incursion. It has become a dangerous club where Russian roulette is the preferred diversion.

We could go on and on. But clearly, it’s the man himself who is not up to the job. His news conferences are usually at best embarrassing, at worst, huge exercises in futility or mispronounced policy statements that leave everybody wondering just who is in charge of this madhouse. He demonizes his opponents as racists, white supremacists and terrorists and blows a gasket any time he is questioned – looking like the angry old man that he is.

It’s not just that Biden is destroying the American economy, he is destroying America. He is actively engaged in a culture war to change America into an empty husk, waiting to become the vassal of foreign powers. He is obsessed with race, gender identity and ensuring that biological males compete with women in sports. America becomes weaker every day that he remains in power and it’s like he’s sold his soul to the people who had this planned all along. The sad thing is that Joe Biden would once have refused to go along with this kind of deal but is now either too incompetent, too naive, too wasted or too tired to care.

Is Joe Biden the worst president in history? He is less than two years into his term and the evidence is overwhelming that he is.

Will Joe Biden destroy America beyond rehabilitation? It won’t be for lack of trying, but the answer is no. The American people have experienced hardship, deprivation and tragedy before: they can do it again despite the mad attempts of an increasingly marginalized president.

You see, America is not great because of its government. It is great because of its people. And good people will always outweigh bad government and an even worse president.

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