According to MSNBC’s left-winger-in-chief Chris Matthews, it’s not just someone’s name but HOW you say it that can be a tip-off that you are a racist. That’s right. Because Newt Gingrich addressed moderator Juan Williams as “Juan” (his name) at Monday night’s debate, Matthews thinks that makes Gingrich a racist. He thinks that by saying “Juan,” it’s code that other racist people (like the debate audience) will understand and appreciate. This kind of insane reasoning is exactly why MSNBC has no viewers and why the country is a mess.

As background, I recommend that you read my column from yesterday. It focuses on the exchange between Fox News moderator Juan Williams and candidate Newt Gingrich. The exchange was incredible as Williams kept trying to interject race into the discussion, and Gingrich came back at him with a common sense approach to helping America’s youth.

However, Chris Matthews saw it as something different… something sinister. As Ken Shepherd noted in his column for the Media Research Center, Matthews claims that by addressing Williams by his first name, that there was a racist motive behind it.

There were interesting aspects to that, wasn’t there some applause when he called him Juan? I mean it’s an interesting thing here. I mean, I once, it’s very clever — I mean Newt is a very smart guy. He knows how to play an audience.

There was a wonderful exchange between George Herbert Walker Bush and Pete DuPont one time where he answered a question to him and he said, “Let me help you with that one, Pierre.”

Now it is his name, and Juan is his name, but there’s an interesting way it’s used and to personalize it, and Juan Williams has a lot of guts getting in front of that audience that’s conservative white in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and asking a question which is a reasonable question.

Here’s the video with his full remarks:

How completely asinine! Matthews didn’t like the way he said “Juan”? Give me a break! The reason the audience booed is because it was blatant that Juan Williams was trying to play the race card. As I noted yesterday, Gingrich was not his only target. He did the same against Rick Perry and Mitt Romney too. The reason the audience cheered later was because Gingrich did not back away from saying that it’s dumb to just give people money for nothing. It’s dumb not to expect work for food stamps or training for unemployment benefits. Black, white, brown, and anything in between… it has nothing to do with race!

Matthews is an idiot, and worse… he’s the racist. To imply that someone doesn’t like blacks or hispanics or whatever simply because he doesn’t think the government should subsidize laziness is nuts. But that’s what Matthews does, and his 10 viewers must really enjoy it.

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