I received an e-mail the other day that I just have to share. It was titled “Cheney vs. Eberle,” so I was obviously intrigued. It sounds like a heavyweight bout for the championship of the world. However, this message was from Democracy for America (Obama’s “community organizing” group), and it blasts America’s own energy production at a time when fuel prices are heading skyward.

The e-mail message was all about “fracking.” Stop! I said, “Fracking,” not something else. Fracking (or hydraulic fracturing) is a process that is used to obtain natural gas which is draped under hard shale oil deposits thousands of feet below the surface. In order to blast through the shale, high-pressure water and chemicals are blasted through the well to crack the shale covering and release the natural gas.

According to HydraulicFracturing.com, the process has been used since the 1940s. But, the high-pressure solution which is 98% water has other chemicals that Democracy for America does not like. I guess it doesn’t matter that development of energy resources at home eases our dependence on foreign sources. It is in our country’s best interest to END our reliance on the unstable Middle East!

The second sentence of the e-mail message reads: “Scientists believe these chemicals are poisoning America’s drinking water — and there are no federal laws right now to stop them from doing it.” Hello? What “scientists?” Just nameless, faceless “scientists?” Sentences like that are simply made to freak out the reader. Didn’t we just have a national discussion on the use of over the top statements that might cause someone to freak out?

The message urges passage of the FRAC Act which wants to put a stop to this natural gas process. But… we are given a warning. If you and I step forward to stop this process, “you and I are directly taking on the oil and gas companies and their cronies like Dick Cheney, who are some of the most corrupt and powerful lobbying forces in the country.” Wow, strong statement.

Democracy for America is trying to obtain signatures so that on Earth Day, they can “prove to Congress that Americans will no longer tolerate the oil companies risking our health in their pursuit of profit.” Ugh! On the way to making a profit, don’t these evil oil companies make a product that EVERYONE needs and purchases? Just asking.

It’s interesting comparing the information provided by Democracy for America’s FAQ on fracking with the information at HydraulicFracturing.com. One of the FAQ’s on the DFA page reads, “Are there safer alternatives to fracking? What are they?” Ok, so one would assume that the answer to the question would somehow address what fracking actually does and propose alternatives to do what it does, but in a safer way, right? Here’s their “answer”: “Truly clean energy technology — such as solar and wind power — has the potential to create millions of American jobs and break our dependence on oil and other fossil fuels like the natural gas extracted by fracking.” Wow. They didn’t even address the question, much less answer it.

As long as we let other countries control the world’s energy, then we will always be at the mercy of those countries. It is in our national security interests to develop and tap our resources at home. Don’t the liberals get that??? Instead, the only thing they focus on are those “evil corporations.” As if corporations are the only entities capable of greed. Hmmmm… what about all those unions with over-inflated and unsustainable benefits packages that are draining states’ budgets?

So, I guess I’ll get busy and start taking on Dick Cheney, right? After all, that e-mail message was a “call to action.” With gas prices going up, the left picks now to start a new campaign against them. Like the e-mail reads, “Here is our opportunity to show that, working together, we have the power to protect our communities from corporate greed.” What perfect timing.

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