In the modern history of American politics, has there ever been a bigger hypocrite than Hillary Clinton? Her 30 years in politics have taught us clearly that Clinton lives by one set of rules and wants to impose different rules for everyone else. She constantly accuses Donald Trump of transgressions of which she herself is guilty. She sermonizes about a code of conduct that she, her husband and her operatives routinely violate. We have learned from her emails that she has two personas: She tells voters one thing and her donors the opposite.

After the last presidential debate, I started to jot down her double standards, and the list went on and on. This column can’t possibly do justice to all her double-dealings (and I welcome readers to add to the list). Here are some of the biggest whoppers, and I paraphrase Clinton here:

–I stand with working-class Americans: unless they are coal miners, who I want to throw out of work and put in unemployment lines.

–I have devoted my whole life to helping children: except that I’m for the infanticide of partial-birth abortion.

–It is reprehensible that a major presidential candidate would ever question the validity of the election results: unless that candidate’s name is Al Gore or John Kerry.

–We should do everything possible to ensure the fairness and integrity in our elections: unless it means that people have to show valid photo identification when they vote, because that might prohibit illegal immigrants from voting for me.

–We have to take special-interest money out of politics and repeal Citizens United — after I raise a world record $1 billion of special interest money from Wall Street and Washington lobbyists.

–The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the “gold standard” of trade deals. No, wait, I’m against it. No, wait, I’m for it.

–We cannot tolerate religious bigotry from a presidential candidate: unless it is bigotry against Catholics or evangelical Christians.

–I have been in “public service” for 30 years, selflessly helping families and children, and that is how Bill and I got rich amassing over $50 million of wealth.

–Donald Trump’s tax plan would explode the debt, and my plan won’t “add a penny to the deficit,” but I worked for the president who borrowed as much money as every president in the history of the country and never raised a peep of protest.

–Donald Trump is a racist for questioning whether Barack Obama was born in the United States, even though it was my campaign brain trust that first raised this issue in the 2008 primary campaign against Obama.

–I have apologized for using a private email that imperiled our national security, and I have not broken any laws — which explains why I did everything possible to obstruct the investigation of the State Department inspector general, and why my team destroyed my devices with a hammer and bleached the disks clean, and why I and all my colleagues lawyered up when confronted by the FBI.

–Only the richest 1 percent will pay higher taxes under my plan: which is exactly what Bill Clinton and Barack Obama said before they were elected, and the first thing they did was raise taxes on everyone.

–Donald Trump favors the rich and powerful, but under my plan I’m going to give around $200 billion to my green friends and donors in the solar industry, constituting the biggest corporate welfare handout in American history. (Why don’t we just have the government write a $10 billion check to Elon Musk right now?)

–Donald Trump will do anything to avoid paying taxes, but I took tax deductions for donating socks and underwear that Bill and I so generously donated to the Salvation Army.

–Children are going to be my highest priority, yet I oppose school vouchers because I favor teachers unions over the kids and their parents stuck in failing public schools.

–I favor taking away guns from people to prevent gun violence and to protect “toddlers,” but I’m against stop-and-frisk laws that take guns away from criminals and reduce gun violence.

–I am going to create millions of new jobs, and I am going to do that by raising taxes by $1.4 trillion on the businesses that create the jobs in the first place.

–We cannot tolerate a womanizer who gropes females in the White

House. (This one doesn’t even require any kind of comment!)

And how would Saint Clinton defend herself in these and so many other cases when her duplicity is exposed?

At this point, she would say, what difference does it make?

Stephen Moore is an economic consultant with Freedom Works and a senior economic adviser to the Donald Trump campaign. To find out more about Stephen Moore and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at


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