Can someone please tell me where anything good is happening in the U.S.?

Everywhere you look, America the Beautiful has been turned ugly, weak and troubled.

The economy is on the road to a recession – or even worse.

Inflation is stuck at over 8 percent a year – with no end in sight.

The stock market is spiraling to Hell.

Interest rates on mortgages have more than doubled in six months.

Gas prices are again zooming toward $7 a gallon in California. The prices of lettuce, ground beef and eggs across the country have gone to the moon.

In just two years, the Biden administration’s fossil-fuel-haters have sabotaged our booming oil and gas industries and returned us to dependency on OPEC and the thugs running Venezuela.

And now we’re more than half a year into a brutal proxy war with Russia over Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Instead of calling for a ceasefire, hosting a summit and working toward a political settlement, the Biden administration and its war hawks are keeping the bloody conflict going by giving Ukraine tens of billions worth of military weaponry.

Back on the home front, civilization is losing the fight against chaos and lawlessness.

Streets and sidewalks in our greatest cities are permanent homes to booming populations of homeless people, drug addicts and mentally disturbed people.

The “woke” criminal justice policies of Democrat mayors have turned even once-safe neighborhoods into lawless spaces where increasing numbers of random murders and assaults, smash-and-grab robberies of retail stores and car jackings occur.

Their cities’ police departments are under-funded, understaffed and demoralized by irresponsible so-called “social justice” policies like cashless bail and early prisoner-release programs that make their jobs miserable and impossible.

On a federal level, don’t get me started about things like the border, the politicization of the Department of Justice and the FBI and our $31 trillion national debt.

America has become a train wreck with 340 million casualties – and it’s largely thanks to the addled president and the Democrats who control the levers of power in Washington.

How anyone who is not a Democrat committee person or does not host a nightly show on MSNBC can actually be happy about the way things are going in America today is baffling to me.

After two years of failures, how can any normal American who’s buying groceries or watching the news still be supportive of Biden and the Democrats?

Maybe people don’t understand that their 401ks are in the stock market.

Maybe they don’t realize our southern border is a freeway for millions of illegal immigrants or that we’re on the verge of a serious, dangerous and completely unnecessary war with Russia.

Maybe people think personal pronouns, the pursuit of “equity” and saving the planet from global warming are more important topics for our leaders to worry about than keeping America free, safe, happy and prosperous.

Whatever loyal Democrats think, it’s clear America has been going backwards under Biden, Inc.

He is a national embarrassment, but he’s not the main problem. He’s a figurehead, a puppet.

It’s the string-pullers behind him – and the Democrats running Congress and the major media – who have been aiding, abetting and ignoring Biden’s hameful deconstruction of America.

We’re stuck with Joe as president for another two years – if his brain and body last that long.

But if enough Americans wake up, which I think they will in a big way, on Nov. 8 we can stop the damage Biden and his crew are doing by humiliating the Democrats in the midterms and taking firm control of the House and the Senate.

Then, following two refreshing years of political gridlock, we can put a Republican back in the White House.

Then – as long as the Republicans we elect on Nov. 8 do the right things and we decide to re-elect them in 2024 – we’ll be able to put America back on the track to greatness.

Copyright 2022 Michael Reagan, distributed exclusively by Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate.

Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, is an author, speaker and president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. Send comments to [email protected] and follow @reaganworld on Twitter.

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