America needs to restrict Islamic immigration, close down any mosque that promotes jihad, prohibit any manifestation of sharia law in our courts, and reject the intrusion of Islamic ideology into our schools. Otherwise, we’re just playing around and uttering meaningless platitudes.

According to British authorities, the nails-and-bolts bomb that killed 22 and wounded 59 at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, last night was detonated by suicide bomber Salman Abedi, who was, of course, “known to authorities.” (What use is that, if authorities didn’t take him out of commission?) The explosion sent shrapnel everywhere, tearing through the flesh of the innocent and leaving them dead or bleeding.

The London Telegraph reported this morning that there are more than 3,500 potential terrorists loose in the UK right now, including 400 battle-hardened ISIS fighters who have returned from Syria. These suspected terrorists are actually getting less monitoring now than they got a year ago.

What will now follow is predictable. There will be expressions of sorrow and sympathy from around the globe, ritualistic denunciations of Islamic violence by a few imams who will then immediately warn us against Islamophobia, and obligatory and meaningless bloviations by political leaders about the “cowardice” of the jihadists.

The media will try its best to minimize the role of Islam, as the AP tried to paper over the whole thing by calling the culprit a “man” instead of a “Muslim suicide bomber” and saying he set off an “improvised explosive device” rather than saying he blew himself up.

BBC anchor Katty Kay actually said this morning that Europe is now “getting used to attacks like this,” as if this were the new normal and it’s time for everybody to just get over it.

And nothing will change. Again. Politicians will revert to their default “hear no evil, see no evil” posture out of fear of offending delicate Islamic sensibilities and nothing will be done until the next act of carnage, when the tired cycle will simply repeat.

And meanwhile, there will be no serious conversations about the politically incorrect things that must be done to protect America from the Islamic scourge: the suspension of Islamic immigration and the closing of mosques.

President Trump is making a sincere effort to block Muslim immigration from the worst jihadist countries in the Middle East, but keeps allowing himself to be pushed around by black-robed tyrants who have elevated themselves above the law and the Constitution. At some point, these judges must simply be defied and ignored, since they are the ones who are trampling the law and the Constitution.

And mosques continue to dispense jihadist ideology without restraint, even though Islam is a totalitarian ideology that has no more constitutional protection than communism. According to the Center for Security Policy, 81 percent of the mosques in America (which are funded almost entirely by Saudi Arabia) dispense literature which promotes violence on behalf of Islam, or host speakers who do the same. Since these are the most well-attended mosques in the land, 95 percent of all Muslims who attend mosque on a weekly basis go to a mosque which exalts jihad.

New York was quiet for a number of years after 9/11 because Mayor Giuliani and Mayor Bloomberg after him aggressively surveilled every mosque and every Muslim community in town. But snowflake activists screeched, politicians backed off, and now New York’s jihadi-prone community is virtually unpoliced and untethered.

In Saudi Arabia, President Trump called on everyone, including Muslims, to “honestly confront Islamic extremism, Islamists, and Islamic terror of all kinds.” I doubt that many Americans disagree with these words. But they are just words until they are translated into action.

The unanswered question is what exactly it means to “confront” this dangerous ideology. If it doesn’t mean restricting Islamic immigration, closing down any mosque that promotes jihad, prohibiting any manifestation of sharia law in our courts, and rejecting the intrusion of Islamic ideology into our schools, we’re just playing around and uttering meaningless platitudes.

Mr. President, we elected you because you promised to do something decisive about the threat of Islam. We will back you to the hilt if you keep the solemn promises you made to us. And we will be gravely and bitterly disappointed if you don’t. Don’t let us down. We don’t want our daughters to be the next victims to get blown up by a Muslim fundamentalist at a pop concert.

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