Well, here’s a real winner of an issue for the left — Democrats, in all their newly won legislative majority wisdom, have pledged to use their House powers to repeal a ban on federal dollars being used to abort babies.

They’re pledging, in essence, to use tax dollars for abortions.

And listen up, America: If it weren’t for Republicans in the Senate, and a Republican in the White House, the Democrats would very well get their way.

“We are going to end the Hyde Amendment, [and] intend to fight aggressively to reverse the terrible decisions made by the Trump administration and frankly, previous administrations, going back 40 years,” said Rep. Diana DeGette, The Hill reported.

This isn’t the first time she’s advocated for the repeal.

In September 2016, DeGette — who then as now serves as co-chair of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus, cut a video to decry the Hyde

“A woman who seeks an abortion but can’t have one for financial reasons is more likely to fall on even harder times if she becomes a parent, deepening the cycle of poverty. Women must be able to consider all the options available to them when making choices about health care, including the decision about whether or not to become a parent,” she said in the video.

And that, in a nutshell, is the deception of the pro-abortion crowd — or pro-choice, as they like to be called.

Women, with or without federal funding, have at their hands the power to decide whether or not to become parents — it’s called abstinence. Or, birth control. Admittedly, the second isn’t as fool-proof as the first. But it’s still an option that pretty much solidly serves its purpose: no parenthood.

Selling the narrative that the only way women can opt out of motherhood is with federally funded abortions is an outright lie.

“Politicians simply must stop interfering with these personal decisions,” DeGette said in the 2016 video.

So taxpayers, through their congressional representatives, have no say in how their money is spent? Put it this way: Politicians wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t demand controls on how tax dollars were spent. If women with personal decisions to be made, such as “to abort or not abort,” don’t want politicians involved, then the simple solution is to keep politicians away from the funding process. Don’t put them in the spot of having to account for the money that’s funneled into a medical procedure so many in America oppose and detest.

Don’t invite them into the personal decision-making process.

The Hyde Amendment, passed around the time of Roe v Wade, has been inserted into years’ worth of appropriations bills as a means of preventing federal dollars from being spent on abortions. The amendment includes exemptions for pregnancies due to rape and incest, or for cases where the woman’s life is in danger. It does not, however, include an exemption for poverty.

Enter DeGette.

DeGette vowed not only a rollback of Hyde but also a return of any Planned Parenthood family funding that is cut by the White House.

And all this — as the March for Life anti-abortion event is due to kick off this Friday with planned remarks from Vice President Mike Pence. What a rich contrast in political ideologies.

The left sure knows how to pick its platforms, doesn’t it? Democrats — party of the pro-abortion. What a ring that has; what a winner of an issue.

It’s just a short hop, skip and jump shy of saying Democrats, party of death. Your tax dollars at work, Democrat-style.

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