When the ACLU gets involved you can throw Christianity and tradition right out the window. Imagine a New Jersey high school which hosts its graduation ceremonies at the historic Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove. This school has held graduations at this location for 70 years. Now, the ACLU says that the religious symbols associated with the venue make it a “no go” for graduation.

As reported by Fox News:

For generations, graduates of Neptune High School have walked down the aisle of the Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove, where the impressive 6,500-seat venue dominates the landscape of one of the area’s most historic beach towns. Built in 1894, the auditorium is owned and operated by the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, a Methodist group that owns not just the building, but all of the land beneath every home and structure in town.

The ACLU of New Jersey threatened legal action against the Neptune school district after an attendee at last year’s graduation ceremony took offense to the building’s religious symbols and Christian-based references — among them a 20-foot white cross above the auditorium’s entrance. The ACLU asked the school to remove or cover up the cross and three other religious signs, arguing their visibility during a public school event is a First Amendment violation.

Keep in mind that we are talking about a graducation ceremony… not a religious event. The school was simply continuing its tradition of using the Great Auditorium.

The news story notes that school officials have already dropped two hymns from the proceedings and decided that they will not have an invocation. However, that’s not enough for the ACLU.

According to Wikipedia, the Great Auditorium has hosted performances by John Philip Sousa, Tony Bennett, Ray Charles, and on and on. The ACLU doesn’t seem to understand that this venue is used for all sorts of non-religious events. They want the large cross covered up. They want the Christian references removed. Do they think graduates will be stricken with Christianity? Enough is enough.

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