The push for gun control doesn’t just show up in the usual left-wing suspects such as CNN and MSNBC. More and more, we see hosts on Fox News push the same agenda… using tragic events to bypass common sense. However, one grieving parent from the Florida shooting saw through Chris Wallace’s rhetoric and gave him an earful in return.

When President Trump invited parents and students from Stoneman Douglas High School to the White House, one father stood out. Andrew Pollack lost his daughter in the shooting, and he has been outspoken ever since on the need for safety measures to be implemented in the schools.

Think about it… over the years there hasn’t been a call for gun control to keep people safe in court houses. There hasn’t been a call for gun control to keep people safe when they go to concerts or sporting events. Why?

The answer is simple. Elected officials decided that those areas are worth keeping safe, so they implemented measures such as metal detectors, searches, and armed guards at those locations. Is a court house more important than a school filled with children? That is the question that needs to be asked.

Every time someone shoots up a school (a gun-free zone of defenseless kids and adults), the call from the left is for gun control. What about implementing safety measures that are ALREADY BEING USED at other venues? To not do so shows the true agenda of the left. As Mr. Pollack said… the issue of guns is something that can be debated over time, but there are ways to make schools safer NOW.

I’m a parent of a high school student as well. Let’s get this done.

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