Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, on Wednesday blasted his Republican colleagues who are refusing to support Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker.

“I’m tired of your stupid platitudes that some consultant told you to say on the campaign trail, alright,” Crenshaw said of the 20 Republican defectors, according to the Washington Post’s Dylan Wells. “Behind closed doors tell us what you actually want, or shut the f— up.”

Crenshaw’s fiery comments come as House Republicans flailed through a second day of fruitless balloting, unable to elect McCarthy as House Speaker or come up with a new strategy.

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Apparently this isn’t the first time Crenshaw has had problems with conservatives. The following is from June ’22.

Dan Crenshaw Confronted by Angry Republicans Calling Him ‘Globalist RINO’

Representative Dan Crenshaw, a Republican from Texas, was confronted by a group of protesters at the Texas Republican convention on Saturday who yelled at him, followed him and appeared to clash with staff.

In a video shared on Twitter by Alex Stein, Stein can be heard yelling “eye patch McCain” at the lawmaker and calling him a “globalist RINO.” Others can be seen following and yelling at Crenshaw as he walks through a hall at the convention.

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