A prominent tea party activist is making a bombshell accusation in Georgia, scene of an almost-finished ballot recount: The updated recount numbers are not being submitted to the Georgia Secretary of State.

Meanwhile, the number of counties that have discovered new votes has jumped to four, and a state GOP official says a monitor caught a suspicious overcount of Biden votes that would have wiped out Trump’s gains in the state.

Jenny Beth Martin, who heads Tea Party Patriots, is publicizing her recorded phone call with a county election official who acknowledged the county’s recount numbers don’t match Election Day figures.

“Which ones will be counted as the official numbers? Martin asks.

“The election night numbers,” the  official replies.

“Why is that? Do you–”

“You’ll have to ask the state what that is, ma’am. I don’t know,” the election official replies.

Martin posted the phone call Tuesday on her Twitter account and played it Wednesday morning on American Family Radio. She told radio host Sandy Rios other county officials were also contacted by phone and told Martin the same story: The original Election Day figures are being sent to the Georgia Secretary of State for county vote tallies.

According to Election Day totals, Joe Biden squeaked out a win over Donald Trump that totaled less than one percent, and the tiny lead triggered the statewide recount that must be completed today, Nov. 18.

Trump won the state in 2016 with 51% of the vote compared to 46% for Hillary Clinton.

Four counties report new votes

Martin’s accusation is especially alarming since uncounted votes were found in counties Floyd and Fayette last week and over the weekend, and now the number of counties reporting new votes has jumped to four counties and approximately 6,000 votes.

According to Fox 5, an Atlanta-based Fox News affiliate, Georgia officials have announced a memory card in Douglas County was found with 293 ballots. The previous day, when Martin was calling election officials, 284 ballots were found in Walton County.

The first county to report new votes was Floyd, which discovered 2,524 ballots uncounted, and days later Fayette reported 2,755 votes were found.

In a separate incident, the Georgia Republican Party alleges an election monitor witnessed a 9,626-vote error in DeKalb County’s hand count.

What was labeled as more than 10,000 votes for Biden was actually 1,081 votes for Biden and 13 for Trump, GOP chairman David Shafer claimed in a Twitter post.

Schafer said one monitor is watching 10 election-counting tables, and kept “some distance” from them, and said the miscounted batch had been signed off by two official counters before the monitor caught it.

“Had this counting error not been discovered,” Shafer wrote, “Biden would have gained enough votes from this one batch alone to cancel out Trump’s gains from Fayette, Floyd, and Walton.”

The monitor submitted an affidavit and GOP attorneys are requesting an investigation, he also wrote.


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