A pro-immigration enforcement group is calling on Congress to block President Barack Obama’s latest effort to bring more Islamic refugees into the United States.

Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR, says Obama’s own security people have admitted there is no way to vet the refugees for affiliation to radical Islamic groups such as ISIS.

Yet the administration has announced it’s raising the number of refugees that will be permitted into the U.S. to 110,000 during the coming fiscal year, which begins October 1.

That’s a 30-percent increase from the 85,000 permitted during the current year.

“We have been told by ISIS and other terrorist organizations that they intend to use the refugee flow as a way to infiltrate western societies,” says Mehlman. “We ought to take them at their word.”

ISIS has claimed it is sending fighters among the migrants pouring into Europe from Africa and the Middle East, and Euopean authorities are finding that claim is true. German authorities arrested three Syrian men this week, ranging in age from 17 to 26, who are allegedly tied to an ISIS cell.

A CNN story about that police raid stated that refugees awaiting entry into the U.S. are undergoing a more rigorous background check, though a year ago some Obama administration officials wereadmitting it’s difficult to screen people from a war-torn country, especially Syria.

Congress continues to fail to block the use of taxpayer funds for the refugee resettlement program, Mehlman complains, calling that yet another reason that Americans are frustrated with the GOP.

“And that is why there has been an insurrection from the grassroots within the Republican Party,” he says, citing the popularity of Donald Trump and his success in the GOP primary.

Republican lawmakers introduced legislation last year to block benefits for Syrian refugees but that effort failed in the GOP-controlled Senate, NBC News reported. The GOP-led House passed tougher new screening methods but that effort also died in the Senate last year.


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