Rudy Giuliani said shocking new revelations of election fraud are set to be released in the coming few days. He added this may likely lead to the downfall of the Democrat party.

“Because the evidence that all these crooked television networks, newspapers, Big Tech, and the leadership of the Democratic party have been giving you is false,” Giuliani said. “You’re going to find it out all at once and it’s going to be very shocking to the country.”

Giuliani also pointed out that a rising number of Republican lawmakers are supporting President Trump’s push to overturn the fraudulent election results.
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Court Indicates No Interest to Intervene in Election With Latest Decision

The U.S. Supreme Court indicated it had no interest in intervening in any election result challenge by President Donald Trump’s campaign before the constitutionally mandated swearing-in date, giving Pennsylvania officials until two days after Joe Biden’s scheduled inauguration to respond to the latest lawsuit.

The court has turned away other challenges – such as one out of Texas and joined by 17 other states – on procedural grounds such as “standing,” or the claim of harm.
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