Former Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich asserts that President Donald Trump’s Republican Party is arising out of a political revolution, especially after looking at the success of the recent GOP candidates he has endorsed.

“The biggest takeaway message from Tuesday’s primaries and the Ohio special election is that the Republican Party is becoming President Trump’s party,” Gingrich insisted in his Fox News report. “In fact, the degree to which pro-Trump Republicans prevailed is the fifth major achievement of the Trump presidency, so far.”

Trump: The flame the GOP needed?

Many GOP candidates lacked support they needed for victory at the polls – until Trump ignited a frenzy of support via his endorsements.

Brian Kemp – the Republican gubernatorial candidate for Georgia – said that Trump’s backing gave his campaign the shot in the arm it needed to lead him to victory.

“[President Trump’s endorsement was like] pouring gasoline on a fire,” Kemp exclaimed, according to Fox News.

Gingrich listed off several points as evidence that Trump is fashioning the Republican Party as his own political machine to victory in a number of different areas – including the judicial system and the economy.

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“First, the president and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R-Ky.), placed a record number of conservative, constitutionally minded judges on the federal bench,” Gingrich pointed out. “Second, President Trump moved power out of Washington and liberated businesses to accelerate economic growth through his historic deregulation effort.”

He also touched on how Trump is invigorating America through job growth, tax cuts and stronger Armed Forces.

“Third, the president succeeded in working with congressional Republicans to pass a massive tax cut that has created jobs and grown the economy much faster than any of the elites thought possible,” the Republican political commentator argued. “Fourth, the president began to rebuild the American military after the Obama administration spent eight years deliberately undermining it.”

Gingrich was particularly impressed with the success of candidates who Trump has endorsed this year in numerous primaries – while creating a signature Trump GOP.

“Now President Trump has begun to grow a Trump Republican Party,” the political expert insisted. “The examples from Tuesday are striking, but this growth started earlier. In primary after primary, President Trump has proved to be a decisive voice.”

The Fox News contributor highlighted the giant boost Trump gave Kemp after voicing his support for him.

“I saw this firsthand in Georgia, when his endorsement of Secretary of State Brian Kemp turned what was expected to be a close primary race into a one-sided victory for the Trump candidate,” Gingrich shared. “Similarly, on Tuesday, the Trump-endorsed candidates won GOP nominations. This is a very important long-term development because it means that in 2019 and beyond, the president will have a Republican Party substantially more favorable to his policies, [and] it also means that the never-Trumpers will gradually decline into a less noisy, less relevant part of American politics.”

Opposition fading away

The vocal Republican touched further on how the “never-Trumpers” are basically a non-entity now – seeming to have dropped off the face of the planet with Trump’s success and popularity over the first year-and-a-half of his presidency.

“The never-Trumpers are like the Bourbon monarchy, which ‘had learned nothing and forgotten nothing’ – an apocryphal quote from Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord describing the Bourbons’ behavior after the abdication of Napoleon,” Gingrich explained. “Because of their inability to change, the Bourbons gradually disappeared as the French Republics created new patterns.”

He recalled a similar “shrinking and then disappearing process” that occurred just over a century ago.

“When former President Theodore Roosevelt left the Republican Party in 1912, he took a generation of progressives with him,” Gingrich recounted. “The conservatives consolidated their grip on the Republican Party, and many of the progressives became Franklin Delano Roosevelt Democrats. Likewise, when President Franklin Roosevelt turned out to be much more liberal than expected, his close friend and ally Al Smith – the former governor of New York and Democratic presidential nominee of 1928 – started supporting Republicans in opposition of the New Deal.”

Something similar also happened just a few decades ago with one of the most popular presidents in modern United States history.

“In more recent times, President Ronald Reagan dominated the GOP in the 1980s and dissenters like Sen. Bob Packwood or Oregon, who started off skeptical, came on board,” Gingrich pointed out. “Packwood was convinced to lead the tax reform fight. Similarly, loyal Democrats like former Sens. Zell Miller of Georgia and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut found the increasing radicalism of the left so unacceptable that they became very pro-Republican. Miller endorsed President George W. Bush at the 2004 Republic National Convention and Lieberman seriously considered running as the vice presidential candidate with Sen. John McCain of Arizona in 2008.”

Trumpeting victory for GOP candidates

Circling back to Trump, just about every candidate Trump has reached out to in primaries throughout the nation this year has seen a substantial boost at the ballot box, and this was no different in Tuesday’s special election in Ohio.

“In addition to dominating the primaries, President Trump proved to be very effective in turning out the Republican vote in the Ohio special election,” the conservative leader contended. “There were a lot of Washington’s so-called experts questioning whether he would help or hurt turnout. [And] while there are still provisional and absentee ballots to count to finalize the result, the results so far indicate that the Republican vote surged in the days leading up to the election and the GOP nominee leads in the current vote count.”

Trump’s no-nonsense, direct and to-the-point messaging has proven to be something that the leftist mainstream media and the Democratic Party have found to be hard to handle when going up against the president on a number of hot-button issues.

“The warning to Democrats and the media for the November elections should be pretty direct: If President Trump spends September and October defining the election on his terms, the outcome in November might be as shocking to the left as 2016’s was,” Gingrich impressed. “The most amazing thing about the Trump effect is how efficient it is.”

Trump’s strategy is anything but complicated, as he sticks to his favorite media outlet – social media.

“Simple tweets have helped nominate the GOP candidates for governor and congressional seats in state after state,” Gingrich noted, according to RealClearPolitics. “With this kind of economy of effort, it is no wonder President Trump is doing so many things in parallel.”

He went on to say that all of Trump’s success is nothing short of a much-needed political revolution for the Republican Party.

“In the process, the president is growing a Trump Republican Party that will turn the never-Trumpers into a fossilized remnant of bitter-enders that attract smaller and smaller audiences who pay less and less attention,” Gingrich concluded.

Taking on the Dems

Earlier this summer – after Trump helped lead another group of Republican candidates to victory in June primaries – Gingrich stressed that the president had become the Democratic Party’s worst nightmare.

“[President Trump is the] most effective uprooter of liberalism,” Gingrich asserted, according to ABC News.

Even though Democrats have been successful in fabricating and re-surfacing controversies and potential scandals since the early stages of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Trump has been able to successfully deflect whatever they can throw at him – and go on the offensive.

“I’m less sanguine than I was year ago that [Trump] is going to change because he basically emphasizes his strengths and ignores his weaknesses – rather than trying to fix [them],” Gingrich explained to ABC’s Powerhouse Politics hosts Rick Klein and Jonathan Karl in June.

At the time, despite being under attack by Democrats, Trump was able to shine during the primaries – and make those he endorsed shine, as well.

“[T]he former speaker pointed to polling data, Trump’s stable base and the results of [the] gubernatorial and congressional primaries in South Carolina and Staten Island – both races in which Trump’s preferred candidate won – to conclude that the president’s ‘enormous strengths’ outweigh his weaknesses,” ABC News’ Meena Venkataramanan explained in late June.

Trump has used his unconventional mannerisms – and uncanny ways of dealing with adversaries – as president to achieve success above and beyond what many former presidents have experienced.

“His impact in the Republican party is astonishing,” Gingrich impressed. “[The president’s behavior is atypical of] professional politicians [and hearkens back to that of Andrew Jackson].”


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