Joe Biden wants former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg to be Transportation Secretary but not everyone is a fan of that idea.

Biden said this week the 38-year-old can be “a new voice” in the fight against economic inequality, institutional racism and climate change, The Associated Press reported.

Biden said Buttigieg offers “a new voice with new ideas determined to move past old politics.”

“Pete Buttigieg’s signature transportation idea is to impose massive taxes on carbon dioxide, which would likely begin by adding 20 percent – or 40 cents per gallon – to the price of gasoline, with even higher tax hikes imposed with each new year,” warns James Taylor, president of Heartland Institute. “Buttigieg apparently misses the days of $4 gasoline, and he will do his best to make sure government brings it back to drain the budgets of American households.”

Taylor adds that Buttigieg’s carbon dioxide tax “will cost the average American household several hundred dollars per year in higher gasoline costs, likely rising to $1,000 or more per year in the near future.”

“Households would additionally have to pay higher electricity bills and higher prices for goods and services throughout the economy,” Taylor continues. “The role of a transportation secretary should be to make transportation more efficient and affordable, not more difficult and expensive. Pete Buttigieg fails that test.”

Buttigieg ran against Biden for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, but the former mayor suspended his campaign prior to Super Tuesday and endorsed Biden. That led to speculation that Biden might offer Buttigieg a job in a potential Biden administration.

The Transportation Department helps oversee the nation’s highway system, planes, trains and mass transit.


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