A national defense analyst is concerned that French authorities are allowing radical Muslims to blatantly ignore the safeguards imposed on the rest of the population.

As of Tuesday, France had more than 51,000 reported cases of the coronavirus, with over 3,500 associated deaths, including a record 418 perishing in a single day.

Frank Gaffney, executive chairman of the Center for Security Policy, says while France is dealing with the coronavirus, another pandemic is also raging. In cities across the country, sharia-supremacists are refusing to cooperate with the government-mandated lockdown, and they are getting away with it.

“Various Islamic clerics are saying that the coronavirus, the so-called COVID-19, is Allah’s revenge on the infidels,” Gaffney reports.

And that attitude has been adopted by Muslims in France.

“Areas known as no-go zones surrounding Paris and other major cities have now become so adamantly opposed to a lockdown imposed by the French government on everybody else that they’ve threatened to respond violently to it,” the analyst tells OneNewsNow.

The French government has caved to their demands, allowing “sensitive urban zones” to carry on as though nothing is happening.

“That suggests to me there is likely to be a problem for the other people in France,” Gaffney concludes.


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